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  1. J

    Question Acer S221HQLbd power adaptor cable?

    I have the Acer S221HQLbd monitor but the other week it stopped working and it seems the power cables/adapter is the issue, does anyone know here I can buy one of these in the UK? Whilst I know some will say its easier to go and buy a new monitor, the reason i wont be doing that is I have 3...
  2. Trigg3rHippie

    Question ASUS Maximus X Hero Aura Messed Up by DisplayPort cable?

    Hello, I've got an issue with my mobo. Recently wanted to switch to a DisplayPort cable but after connecting and booting I noticed that my LED strip (LED STRIP 2) was not synced with the rest (green led was not lighting properly). The issue disappeared when I switched back to HDMI. Any ideas...
  3. Z

    [SOLVED] Should I use slow ethernet or fast wifi?

    Hi all! I've got a question, should I use slow ethernet or fast wifi? My wifi gets around 150mbps up & down, but I can connect my devices to ethernet if I want. The only thing is: I can only get a 100mbps switch rn, so will it be better or worse to use ethernet? I use the internet mostly for...
  4. X

    Question 2x 4pin in 1 8pin, or a 4pin?

    I have a Seasonic Focus 750 Gold ( ) and a i5-8600k with the Asrock edit z390 Extreme 4 Motherboard. I have bought the motherboard and cpu just recently, and when building it I saw that I have a 8pin and a 4pin for the CPU, now I have plugged...
  5. Tony Coleman

    Question Modem doesn't connect to internet when using longer coaxial cords.

    Ok so basically i wanted to move my modem to a more central place in the house. Originally it was connected to the main line with a coupler and another cord that was about 2 feet or so and it works fine. But then i attached about 60 ft to it (2 30 foot coaxial cables Rg6) and when i did that i...
  6. T

    [SOLVED] Dell Precision M6700 bluetooth cable

    I have just bought a Dell Precision M6700.. Its an older laptop but its a nice powerful laptop for developing purposes. Anyhow, I decided to try and get the bluetooth option, since it did not come with it. I bought the bluetooth card from parts-people. This was a link directly from Dell. It came...
  7. S

    Question Only one port working for switch

    Hello everyone, So I have a small LAN cable in my flat. I used to connect a router (Linksys EA6300 AC 1200 Dual-Band Wi-Fi), but it limited my internet to 200 Mbit speed, so i wanted to connect a switch to it. I bought a tp-link TL-SG1005D, and connect...
  8. Tony1337

    Question Active or Passive DVI to Display port adaptor for EVGA 2070 XC ULTRA

    Just bought a 2070 XC Ultra from EVGA for 527.53 USD and need to get a DVI to DP adaptor for one of my auxiliary monitors (1080p 60Hz). I'm not sure if I should get an active or passive for the 2070. These are the adaptors in question. Passive...
  9. S

    Question Ideas for an extra Power SATA Connector on Integra M PSU?

    Hello, I need your advice on the following issue: I have 4 HDDs and 1 SSD. My PSU is Integra M 550 W, which has exactly 5 Power Sata Connectors. The 650 W model has 6, but little did I know when I bought the 550 W model. Now I need 1 extra Power SATA Connector - to install a Blu-Ray writer...
  10. F

    Question USB adapter cable

    hello, in our company we have newer laptops with a usb C port and older version laptops with a HDMI port. we connect the laptop to a monitor that has 1 usb C port, 1 displayport in port and 1 display port out port. we use displayport daisychain to connect multiple monitors, this works for the...

    Question 90 degree sata power cable adapter

    Does anyone know if there is a cable or adapter that will make a sata power cable end in a 90 degree connector? My case cant fit the straight ones and i dont have a mosular psu.
  12. A

    Question Smelling "electric burning" smell coming from computer directly after plugging in Ethernet cord?

    Howdy everyone, yesterday I was working on a project in sketchup when my internet began to slow to the point that i could download anything. So in an attempt to fix this I bypassed my router and plugged the Ethernet directly into the back of my computer. This fixed the internet problem, but in...