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  1. DSD27

    [SOLVED] AOC Q3279VWF Freesync with Nvidia card

    AOC Q3279VWF 2560x1400 75Hz VA Freesync Does anyone know for sure if Freesync works well on this monitor with a Nvidia gpu over displayport? I really need to know.
  2. garlicc juice

    [SOLVED] Is everything in this build compatible?

    So i have some questions , just want to make sure everything is going to be ok when i build this . 1.Does this gpu support freesync? 2.Will evo 212 Black fit the Cooler Master Chassis MASTERBOX Q300L ? 3.Is the mobo in this build an overkill? CPU - AMD Ryzen 5 2600 3.4GHz GPU - Sapphire...
  3. S

    Question Input Not Supported on AOC monitor.I just had my PC built.

    I am new to PC building.These are my specs B450 Tomahawk Mobo Ryzen 5 2400g Patriot Viper Steel 2x8 3200Mhz 600watt 80plus gold 500GB SSD AOC G2460V Monitor So I was thinking of buying GPU later as I can't afford it right now.My monitor has freesync with DisplayPort only.So everygame I am...
  4. Gosraj

    Question What's the Freesync Range of this Monitor?

    Pretty self-explanitory, looking to buy this monitor but it doesn't list anywhere what range of framerate Freesync works with it (e.g. 45-144hz). Any of y'all know what it is?
  5. S


    so hey guys, how can you see my name, my english suck, sorry about it.. Right, my specs are: gtx1050 ti oc, i72600k, 8gb ddr3 hyperex, cooler master hyper t4 and h61m-hg4 asrock mobo. So i guess my monitor is causing tearing in my games... I can play basically any game on high fps, like, above...
  6. Y

    Question Bought a freesync monitor

    Hello! I bought a freesync monitor and i have an nvidia gtx 1060 gpu. I run 2 displays, one freesync and the other is just a basic 60hz 1080p monitor. So My problem here is im noticing when my games full screen it automatically goes to 75hz refresh rate and its causing my system to kind of...
  7. D

    Question question about g sync/adaptive sync monitors

    I'm in the market for a new monitor and the smoothness of g sync is very enticing but I don't really like the idea of fluctuating FPS in games as most are 75hz and above and maintaining that frame rate would be difficult with my hardware. So I was wondering if you cap the frame rate at 60fps...
  8. Y

    Question Nvidia Gpu and FREESYNC Monitor

    Hey guys I realized i have a freesync monitor which i know is amd only supported. I have a gtx 1060 gpu as well. ive noticed when i full screen games, the monitor automatically puts itself at 75hz which doesnt seem bad but it definitely causes skips and games to run less smooth. in the monitor...
  9. Gosraj

    Question Is Freesync worth it?

    I'm building a new PC, and would like to use an AMD GPU so I can use Freesync. However, AMD GPUs seem to cost more despite being sometimes being less powerful? Is it worth it to use Freesync? I'm choosing between an RTX2070 and the new Radeon VII for my GPU, with a 1080p 75fps monitor (haven't...
  10. basha11

    Question Can we use amd freesync monitors with nvidia gpu? Acer VG271U model this is the specified monitor. Its Amd Freesync technology monitor & i have nvidia gpu which means i need gsync monitor as per my view. But, recently nvidia releasing some amd freesync...
  11. richiestang_78

    Question Acer vs Samsung 1440 Curved

    So I'm going to be looking for a new monitor and for the price I'm looking at the Samsung CHG70 and Acer ED323QUR. Anyone have experience with either of these or recommend something similar in the same price point 300-600 USD (lesser being better). I just want a solid 1440 preferable curved...
  12. W

    Question Random "Micro-Freezes / Stutters" In most games

    So I've actually posted a thread about this before. But I didn't get many answers and it's been a while since I posted it. I've been having this problem for so long I can't even remember when it really started. Micro stutter, micro freezing, 1ms freezing, I really don't know what to call it...
  13. M

    Question Why does my monitor screen turns off and on?

    My monitor's display turns off for a second or two and then turns back on when my apc ups gets hit with a voltage fluctuation. I have a brand new Dell SE2717H IPS panel Freesync monitor. It rarely happens but i am worried that will it damage my monitor in any way? I have an APC back UPS 1100...
  14. dmmass

    Question Cant decide between displays.

    So i cant decide between two 2560x1440 displays, the two in question are linked here & . So the one is tn (the iiyama) 75Hz refresh with freesync and 27'' the size preferable to...
  15. T

    Question Will i be able to get freesync?

    Hello, i have rtx 2060 with 1.4 Displayport support but my monitor (AOC G2460VQ6) which supposedly has LFC, but it only has Displayport 1.2 I was wondering if it is possible to get freesync to work
  16. Return-of-the-Mac

    Question 4GB GPU for a 240W SFF system - RX560 LP vs GTX 1050Ti LP?

    I'm working on a build based on a restored Dell Optiplex 790 SFF, and I'm not sure what graphics card would be more suitable for it. After looking around, I feel confident that I can narrow down my choices to the MSI low profile versions of both the RX 560 and GTX 1050 Ti, both of which appear...
  17. U

    Question 2k display over a fullhd one with more hz? VN vs TN

    Hello fellows! I would like to ask you today a few questions. 1. Would it be worth to buy a 2K monitor 27" 144hz 1ms over a fullhd 144hz(or 144-240hz) 27" 1ms one? I have a maximum budget of 375USD for one and i am going to mainly play LoL, Fortnite, Cs go and occasionally nfs, apex and other...
  18. marek_shields

    Question GPU for dual 1440p monitors

    Hello folks, I am in the process of assembling my new gaming rig and I am down to just choosing a new graphics card. I currently have an RX580 from my old box that I installed before the motherboard decided to die on me so I started building a new box. I am looking to get 2 1440p monitors to...
  19. C

    Question What monitor for Intel integrated graphics?

    What monitor-sync-type for Intel "UHD Graphics 630" integrated graphics in an i5-9xxx Coffee Lake? ** Namely, do Intel's CPUs support FreeSync or G-Sync? ** ** Or Adaptive-sync, Fast-sync or V-sync? ** They include something called "Quick Sync Video", but that is something totally different I...
  20. R

    Question will vega 56 be good enough

    So i'm looking to upgrade my gpu and i recently bought a open box red dragon 580 for $140. it's a nice upgrade from my 960, but i'm looking at getting a new monitor and not sure if the 580 is really what i want. I'm looking at a 27-32" QHD 144 hz curved screen with freesync. A 1080p 144 hz also...
  21. SomWon

    [SOLVED] AOC G2590VXQ or Asus VG248QE

    straight to the point... I currently have an old office 1280 x 1024 monitor and need an upgrade. My current PC build has integrated graphics card which makes it even harder for me to decide. NVidia or AMD is the question? Or, should I buy AOC G2590VXQ or Asus VG248QE. AOC G2590VXQ, 75Hz has...
  22. L

    Question Best 1440p 144Hz gaming monitor

    Hello, I'm looking for a new gaming monitor and can't decide which one to pick. I already have a really good 27in 4k monitor so this monitor would be purely for gaming. Panel performance (response time and input lag) comes before picture quality (it's my second screen), but if I can get...
  23. 9

    Question What video card should I choose the next time I upgrade? An nvidia(gtx 1660ti) card or an amd card(rx 580/590) for the freesync feature?

    I've also heard about that some monitors freesync feature does work with nvidia cards, but mine isn't featured in the compatible list(vg245h). So my question is what would be the better choice and why?
  24. U

    Question Freesync/G-sync compatibale only working at native resolution?

    Hi. I have 1060 3GB. I recently bought a 1440p Freesync monitor AOC Q3279VWFD8, and after some testing, I noticed Freesync only works at 1440p. If I change to 1080p it stops working and I get screen tearing. Is this normal? Is Freesync / G-sync compatible only meant to work at native resolution?
  25. D

    Question Used RX 580 or Brand new 1060??

    I am building a new pc and the only thing left is the GPU. The 2 options are: Used RX 580 8GB (Used for mining) - SGD$160 Brand new 1060 6gb - SGD$206 The thing is i currently am using the LG 24mk430h (1080p/75hz) freesync monitor. Is it worth the risk of getting the card for freesync or just...
  26. R

    Question Help! What version display port I need?

    Hi soon will buy new pc and monitor. Monitor will be 144MHz 1080p freesync . Monitor barnd: AOC Gaming G2590FX (Free sync) Video card: Gigabyte GeForce RTX 2060 Gaming OC Pro 6GB This monitors is g sync compatible and wanted know what cable use: Display port: 1.1 or Display port 1.2? And this...
  27. S

    Question Nvidia just announced that my Freesync Monitor is G-Sync Compatible hours ago, how do I turn on G-Sync?

    I used to have a AMD RX 480 GPU but then I upgraded to a RTX 2080 Founders Edition. This is my current freesync monitor: According to the news today, Nvidia just...
  28. F

    Question FreeSync/Gsync fps drops

    Hello, recently NVIDIA finally came up with support for FreeSync monitors in their Geforce cards. I decided to try it on. My monitor is 29uc88 with 60Hz refresh rate and freesync technology. GPU: GTX 1060 6GB CPU: i7 6700k I set 57fps in Rivatuner, disabled Vsync in game and enabled it in Nvidia...
  29. A

    [SOLVED] How to make 1050Ti work with Freesync?

    I have this Samsung monitor and it supports Freesync. Also i know, it is not in the officially supported "GSync Compatible" monitors list. But since it supports freesync, it should work with new nVidia drivers? I have a GTX 1050Ti and i updated the drivers to the latest. But i do not see any...
  30. E


    Hello! I am posting for the first time in the Displays category. Relevant PC components: AOC G2460V, 24' 1080p\75hz- Freesync 1ms response time Nvidia GTX 1070 I do also have another Asus 1080p Monitor (from a 3-monitor surround setup I had until 1 year ago) but 90% of the time I do not use...
  31. H

    Question 3 120mm or 2 140mm

    Any difference besides airflow and price? Pros and cons?
  32. R

    Question Asus H81M-C/CSM and Haswell refresh cpus

    I bought a Asus H81M-C/CSM motherboard used off of ebay because it has a parallel printer port and have intentions of using it for driving a small cnc machine. Its been my experience that the h81 chipsets have pretty good latency when using linuxcnc for realtime software stepping. My issue is i...
  33. H

    [SOLVED] PC shuts down Overclocking has failed?

    Hi just hoping somone has seen this before. My pc likes to shut down randonly claiming overclocking has failed when no overclocking is applied. It does this very regularly but now wont turn on at all? I am only getting no video signal on my monitor after leaving it for ages and rebooting just...
  34. M

    RAM for MSI B350M Bazooka with Ryzen 5 2400G

    Can some one pick the best ram for this build? Prefer 2x4Gb ram for my budget right now, later i will upgrade with the same ram for the 4dimm slot on mobo make 16gb ram set for my pc
  35. anceintsz

    Desktop connection to laptop wifi

    Hello recently I bought a new computer and I didn't buy a network card for it yet to be installed, but instead I connected an ethernet cable to my laptop and pulled internet connection thru the laptop and everything has been working fine. Recently though everytime I try to connect to google...
  36. A

    Can we bend a mobo?

    Guys,on my pc build I slightly bend my motherboard because of I don't have screw enough to tie it.when I tried to plug the mobo slightly bends and now it's working fine.i am asking that any bad caused to my mobo?
  37. A

    GTX 1070 or 1080 For Watching P0rn?

    Pretty Self Exploratory. 4K would be nice.
  38. A

    MY seagate backup plus Going SLOW

    HI my HDD is going slow and now transfer rate is 1 MBPS what should i do ? i checked it with other usb and same result sometimes i see hard going normal speed and it's reach at 20 MBps but not everytime sometimes i try to Copy Huge size file at the middle transfer HDD go like unplug and plug...
  39. F

    Hi I lost my phone number icant log in to Facebook u can plz help me

    Hi I lost my phone number I can't log in to my Facebook u can plz help me
  40. D

    my pc keeps freezing on games

    i recently rebuilt my x-mas present pc my parts are intel Pentium G4560 3.5GHz Dual-Core Processor MSI B250M PRO-VD LGA 1151 Intel B250 SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.1 Micro ATX Intel Motherboard EVGA 600 B1 100-B1-0600-KR 80+ BRONZE 600W Includes FREE Power On Self Tester Power Supply Team Elite Plus 8GB...