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  1. vattghern

    Question My 3060 ti not hitting maximum TDP (100%) in tests and gaming

    In FurMark, I get an average of 169 FPS with GPU Benchmark 1080p. The GPU frequency during testing in Furmark does not exceed 1410 Mhz, judging by the graphics. When viewed in GPU-Z, the frequency drops from 1740 to 1410. If I turn on the 720p test, the frequency rises to 1515 mhz. In MSi...
  2. B

    Question Super Low graphics card performance after repair

    My Asus ROG Zephyrus G15 GA503QR was sent out for repair through best buy geek squad because of damage to my motherboard. They replaced my motherboard and after returning the computers graphics card(RTX 3070) has been heavily underperforming. I ran a benchmark yesterday and today and these were...
  3. rielle1

    Question (SOLVED) pc completely dead, have tried almost everything

    hello. my pc completely shut off a month ago and after spending $800 to try and fix the issue and replacing half of my pc, it still won’t turn on with a GPU inside. i’m at a complete loss. it’s kind of a complicated story, but to cut it short, my pc died a month ago, ive tried replacing most of...
  4. Frostbarrier

    Question GPU causes my PC to restart at BIOS before windows

    Hi. Today my PC would keep restarting. Fans turn on but after few seconds it restarts when BIOS screen is loading. I kept checking and turns out my GPU was causing this. I tried a different gpu just connected to pci slot without power and it didn't restart the pc. Last night everything was fine...
  5. aremansu

    [SOLVED] The temperature difference between GPU and GPU HotSpot is huge

    Recently I've reinstalled my OS. After that I've noticed that the GPU HotSpot temperature overly increased, although the overall temperature of the GPU has remained in the same familiar range in which it was before. The difference has never ever been like that! 24 degrees! To be clear I have...
  6. V

    Question Why did my PSU turn off after running it for an hour and the PSU started stinking and my PC wouldn't turn on

    I added a GeForce rtx 3060 to my PC and ran it for about an hour after that my PC turned off and when I turned it on its started for a split second and turned off my PSU was stinking for some reason as well
  7. tiidus

    Question 3 red LED lights on the GPU and fans are spinning at max ?

    So, I am stupid and didn't deal with this earlier, but the problem I have is that my GPU has 3 red LED's on the entire time whenever I turn on my computer. Simultaneously, all the fans start spinning at maximum speed causing a really loud constant fan noise. This problem remains the entire time...
  8. ospider

    [SOLVED] 3060 GPU - - - - fans spin but no signal ?

    Hi I have an issue with my newly acquired gpu . Specs: Gainward 3060 RTX EVGA BR 600W bronze BenQ Zowie 24 144hz Older card 1060 6gb . Context: Bought the GPU from Amazon yesterday, tested with Furmark for 25+ minutes, played a game and turned off with no issues whatsoever. Today I boot...
  9. T

    Question Help with specs

    I apologise as I expect you have all seen this question many times, but my parents got me this build in 2019: It seems very imbalanced and I was also planning on installing 2TB SSD and upgrading my CPU so as not to bottleneck my GPU. Are...
  10. B

    Question PC freezes and display turns off ?

    Ryzen 7 5800x with Strix LC240 AIO RTX 3070 OC Strix B550-F 2x16 GB 3600MHz C18 Team Group Night Hawks 1TB Aorus Gen4 M.2 SSD Seasonic Focus GX 650 Hey So, I've been struggling with this issue for a very long time. I'm not an expert, so I probably haven't tried everything. It happens only...
  11. Timothy696969

    Question Upgraded my GPU

    Hello, I've upgraded my GPU from a gtx 1070ti to a 3080 12gb and I've noticed that my games are performing poorly. For example, when I play Rust I hardly get more than 75fps. I also experience some kind of fps latency? which makes my game freeze when I for example shoot. My other specs are...
  12. W

    Question GPU issues when upgrading from Xeon E5-2407 v2 to E5-2470

    Hi guys I'm using an old Dell Poweredge T420. I just upgraded my cpu's and now I can't get my RTX 3080 to work. Windows won't detect it. It was working on the 2407 chips. Is there something about the v1 chips that would cause this? I've tried my legacy hdd and a disk with uefi. Thanks
  13. S

    [SOLVED] Frames drop overnight

    Hi, as the title suggests, my frames the last 2 days have been around 50 but wavering between 40-90 ish It's weird because I usually run at 120 which is my monitor's refresh rate with the games and settings I play. Here are my specs: CPU: Ryzen 7 5800x Motherboard: Gigabyte X570S Aorus Master...
  14. S

    [SOLVED] RTX 3070's low usage and determining cause of bottleneck ?

    Good day to you all, For some time I've been struggling with the fact that my RTX 3070 does not seem to be giving me the performance I was expecting. I play a lot of different games like Elden Ring, Spiderman Remastered, Apex Legends, Valheim. And in most games I have experienced the GPU usage...
  15. B

    Question Random GPU 100% usage spikes ?

    My laptop is a Lenovo Legion 5. Hiya, I just got a new gaming laptop today and I'm noticing on the task manager my gpu (nvidia 3070) keeps randomly spiking to 100% usage for copy for a fraction of a second, before dropping back down again. I noticed this while playing minecraft as I had the...
  16. Natro23

    Question Low GPU usage 3060 ti

    Hello guys just got 3060 ti palit dual today and when i go in valorant i have 140-160 fps when in benchmarks they mostly have 300+ on average. i have i5 9600k 16gb ram rtx 3060 ti. its only using 20%-30% of gpu and using high or low settings are not doing anything to fps. i had 1070 and had...
  17. S

    Question What graphics card for 1440p gaming? check the pc part picker link I want to play overwatch 2 at 1440p, i got a 165hz montior. may i get some recommendations for an rtx gpu please. my monitor has gsync thus rtx. no budget but i dont want to upgrade any other part as well. so only have 750w psu to work with. EDIT...
  18. T

    Question Looking at buying a 2060 12GB, but my mobo only supports 4th gen intel processors.

    Can someone let me know how much bottlenecking I can expect from i5 4460, or can someone help me pick a 4th gen CPU that will eliminate/minimise the bottlenecking, as my current mobo only supports 4th Gen. Thank you, new to builds/upgrades. Was looking at going for a brand new build but I think...
  19. J

    Question How do I fix CPU over temperature error after upgrading to 3060 ti

    I just upgraded to a 3060 ti and my pc would shut off after around 3 minutes of being on. After rebooting it, it would come up saying “CPU Over Temperature Error!” and then shut off again. how do I fix this? Any help is appreciated, thanks in advance.
  20. N

    Question High Temperature at MSI Ventus 3060Ti

    At Idle(0% Usage) My GPU's temperature is 59degree Celcius..and the fans are off..GPU model: MSI Ventus RTX it normal or high?
  21. A

    Question RTX Power limited to 45%

    I have RTX 3080 Gigabyte Vision, it has been working fine for 19 months , but suddenly it won’t go over 45% power limit even when I set it to 100% on Afterburner , I have another card of the same type and it’s working fine. Pictures Below!AtUyqv0wiC2qhLs9Hwp5Yl0ql_5Rcg
  22. donteatpancakes

    Question League of Legends/Rainbow 6 are running at low FPS but neither CPU nor GPU nor RAM are at full capacity

    Hello there! So basically I have an i7-11370H @ 3.30GHz, RTX 3060 6GB, 16GB RAM pc, and I can only run League at 100/110 FPS at medium settings for some reason. I installed MSI Afterburner and I GPU usage is around 19% and CPU usage is around 15% while I play the game, while also having minimal...
  23. acharby07

    Question HP RTX 3060 OEM Fan “twitching”

    Hello. I recently bought a 3060 and the fan is not working properly. The fans are making a twitching motion. I have a video linked to show you what I mean. I have tried setting the fan speed to 100 for all temps in Mai afterburner, I have switched the 8 pin pci-e connectors to it? I’ve put...
  24. D

    Question Gpu fan noise and plastic smell, doesn't go beyond 400 Rpm while gaming, overheating upto 87C causing fps drop

    My gpu Zotac Rtx 2060 6gb GDDR6 is making weird fan noise (buzzing, clicking and some sort of crunchy noises) it is also giving off some weird plastic smell while both idle and and during gaming (it also gave some burning smell a few days ago), the fans rpm doesn't go beyond 400 while both idle...
  25. D

    Question Gpu fans rpm less than 400 while both idle and during gaming, overheating and fps drops

    As the title says, my gpu is working in a weird way, during gaming it gives the same gpu fans rpm as it was in idle and doesn't response to Afterburner or any other program that could increase the fans speed. I tried many things such as updating drivers, tried using the old ones as well but...
  26. IvanGirardi

    Question How come one of my GPUS got suddenly hot? 3080TI

    Hello guys, i bought two identical 3080 ti's (Galaxy sg) for me and my bussines partner, we use to take them to home to play games and let them farming etherium back in the office most of the week, both were working really well with good tempetures, few days ago while they were farming i turned...
  27. baticsute

    Question Graphics card is not working after turn on and its fans spin maximum accidentally

    Dear forum experts, My graphics card crashed with black screen and fans got maximum spinning immediately after I press turn-on button. EZ debug led stop at VGA. My setup: VGA: Evga Geforce RTX 2080 Ti Black Edition Gaming, 11G-P4-2281-Kr, 11GB Gddr6 (3-years used) Motherboard: MAG B660M...
  28. RichieAnderson2

    Question CPU seems to be running hot

    Hello all! Thank you for taking the time to read over this! I just upgraded my system yesterday from Prime day (Yay for MSRP GPU). Now I have gotten everything hooked up and now my CPU seems to be running hot when playing games (85 C - 92 C). It shouldn't necessarily be running this hot right...
  29. T

    Question No Display and GPU fans run at maximum speed ?

    I've built my system a month ago and it has been running fine until yesterday when the screen suddenly went black and the GPU fans started spinning so SO fast. Both the GPU and CPU temps were normal before the crash; they never exceeded 60c. This weird crash occurred twice since yesterday, only...
  30. nanocurry

    Question 3080ti buzzing (not coil whine)

    I just bought a new EVGA 3080ti (XC3 Hybrid) a few months ago. It was silent at first, but it's been steadily getting louder. I'm fairly certain it's not coil whine. It's not a high-pitched electrical sound. It sounds more like something touching a fan, even when the fan isn't spinning. It...
  31. Arislas

    Question Crash : Randomly getting blackscreen RTX 3070 ti

    So, as the title said, my problem is that at some random moments, my GPU will kind of crash. My specs : CPU: Intel i5-12600 3,3 GhZ( 4,8 Ghz Turbo Boost) socket 1700 RAM: Corsair Vengeance LPX 32GB (2x16GB) DDR4 3200MHz C16 - Black GPU: GIGABYTE GEFORCE RTX 3070 TI GAMING OC 8GD PSU: NZXT...
  32. L

    Question Fan Speed Stuck

    I've been experiencing some trouble with any GPU customization where I change my fan speed setting but it resets to 40 immediately after. I've tried to customize the fan speed in Nvidia's performance tuner, MSI After Burner and EVGA's Performance x1 (I think it's called that) but the same issue...
  33. Ivanmr0709

    Question Zotac 3060 Ti restarts while gaming, Black screen

    Hello everyone, I bought a brand new prebuild PC, this is the original rig: Intel core i5 11th gen Zotac gaming RTX 3060 ti ASUS prime B460ma R2.0 mobo 2x16Gb XPG Ram Munfrost gp650w 80+ Bronze Aero cool liquid cooling for the CPU 500Gb NV1 Kingston SSD RAM...
  34. M

    Question How I knew if my new RTX ASUS ROG Strix RTX 3070 Ti, is strong and run with standard power?

    Hello, Need your advice please, I bought my new ASUS ROG Strix NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 Ti OC. and when I test it using TechPowerUp GPU-Z software, it show me a bad sign, the GPU clock showed that 210.0 MHZ speed and the Memory clock is 50.6 MHZ. but when I read in GPU-Z software website it shows...
  35. Kuddfiskarn

    Question New Gpu black screen, old GPU still works.

    As the title says, I got a rtx 3050 to replace my old 1050ti and it wont work! I just get black screen and 3 seconds of fan spin. I'm on my old 1050ti to write here. I'll list as many details as possible Gigabyte (ga-z77-ds3h) Motherboard i7-2600 CPU Fractal design tesla 650W 16GB (4x4GB) of...
  36. Niftybox

    Question Got a new 3080 but I get no signal

    So I Switched out my 3060 ti with a gigabyte 3080 and I switched out my seasonic gold 650w psu with a 1000w g6 evga gold psu. When I booted it on my 3080 lit up, my fans were spinning, and the psu was running, but I had no signal on my monitor :/ I put my 3060 back in and it started running...
  37. Felahli

    Question RTX 2060 struggling after Windows reinstall ?

    So i've recently bought an RTX 2060 and i've tried it on my computer before, everything was running fine. However i've had to reinstall windows due to some problems i had with windows itself (i couldn't open network settings, microsoft store didn't work at all, windows button search wouldn't...
  38. rkegan

    Question Possibly Broken PSU

    Hey everyone, First post here I'm just trying to figure out what is wrong with my PC. Whenever I hit my GPU with a load, my computer shuts off and I don't know if this is a PSU or GPU issue. I have tested my CPU (R2600X @ 4.25GHz 1.45V) with Prime95 and it pulls about 150W with no issue, but...
  39. Themidgeman21

    Question DSR factors

    Does anyone know if using a 1080 p screen with DSR factors to upscale to 1440p puts more less or the same amount of strain on your GPU as using a native 1440p res monitor.
  40. S

    Question Upgrading GPU from GTX 1060 6GB to RTX 3070, need suggestions/advice

    Approximate Purchase Date: Next month Budget Range: GPU within $825, Case within $125, PSU within $85 System Usage from Most to Least Important: Gaming, Streaming games on Youtube/Twitch, Video editing using After Effects Are you buying a monitor: No Parts to Upgrade: GPU, Case, and PSU...