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  1. G

    Question Coil whine from RTX 4080 ?

    My PC specs: Motherboard: ASUS ROG STRIX Z790-E GAMING WIFI LGA1700 ATX CPU: Intel Core i5 13600K GPU: ASUS GeForce RTX 4080 ROG STRIX 16GB CPU Cooler: MSI MEG CORELIQUID S360 360mm OS Drive: Samsung 980 Pro Series Gen4 2 TB M.2 NVMe SSD PSU: EVGA SuperNOVA P+ 1300W Platinum Fully Modular Case...
  2. B

    Question Vga motherboard led

    Recently purchased an open box rtx 4080 gigabyte gaming oc from best buy and I'm getting vga led on my motherboard. System specs. Z390 aorus pro atx motherboard Intel i7 9700k 32 gb 3200mhz cas 16 g skill Trident z ram 500gb nvme boot drive Brand new 1000w montech 1000w 80+ gold psu When I...
  3. Sandre

    Question Need HELP - PC shutting down each time i use GPU software or Games.

    Hi, i just finish a new PC 15 days ago, and i have a big problem. Each time i start a game or a software who require GPU my computer shut down in seconds. i ll try with Eve-online / Gigapixel / Heaven Benchmark 4.0 same results. sys : w10 pro 64 bit original GC : Geforce RTX 3080 Ti 12 GO Proc...
  4. Dimo2K

    [SOLVED] 3D mark score low

    basically my score on 3D mark are extremely above average and honestly don't know why, maybe can someone help me to find the problem and if possibile fix it? ty i will apreciate it GPU: RTX 2060 Asus ROG strix OC evo (NO MORE CUSTOM OC) CPU: I5 9600K 3,7Ghz (OC to 5Ghza) Cooler: Noctua NH-D15...
  5. S

    [SOLVED] RTX 4080 underperforming, and system only boots one out of five times ?

    Hey all! A couple days ago I said screw it, and bought all new components as my pc was outdated.. however since putting it together I've had nothing but issues. The first issue is only one out of five times the PC will boot, each time it doesn't post I get 1 long 3 short beeps with the VGA...
  6. Saugetsu

    Question Okay to test an RTX 3070 Ti with a 550w PSU ?

    Hello! So, I had a power surge and it basically made my PSU "explode" while I was using it (pop sound and then smoke coming out of it), Im worried about the GPU (EVGA ULTRA FTW3 3070TI), I want to see if I was lucky and only the PSU blow or if the GPU is also dead. I have an old Corsair CX550...
  7. A

    Question CPU usage high compared to GPU usage, while gaming ?

    I built a new pc 3 months ago and I've noticed this issue where My CPU is always over 80% usage while my Graphic card averages on 50% usage. First time I noticed when I was playing Far Cry 6...where it gives more than 80fps on high settings for like 10-15 min ( at this time CPU less than 50%...
  8. M

    Question Monitors turn off while gaming, GPU-Fans get loud, PC keeps running

    Hi there! I built a PC in 2018 and added a RTX 3080 in 2020. I never had any problems with my system. Since recently my Monitors (3 in total) shut all off while i'm gaming. This happenms every now and then. Sometimes after 10 Minutes of playing, sometimes after 3 Hours and sometimes it does not...
  9. S

    Question Upgrading GPU, do I need a bigger power supply?

    Hello, I'm looking to upgrade my graphics card from a 1080TI to a RTX 3090 or 4090. I currently have an 850W power supply and would rather not replace it if I don't have to, but I'm wondering if it will be necessary with my PC's current hardware (below). I may also add another 16GB of RAM at...
  10. X

    Question GPU fan not working the right way?

    Yesterday I built a new pc and I'm running a 3070 ti aorus master. Tried to run a game and when gpu temp increased to 50° C one fan started to spin at (what I assume to be) max speed and it's very loud. Moreover, when I exited the game and gpu temp decreased by 20° C the fan still continued to...
  11. Darkladylexy

    Question What would be a good Upgrade for a 1080TI

    What would be a good Upgrade for a 1080TI?
  12. B

    Question Problems with Gigabyte Eagle 3070 OC ?

    Hello, So I recently bought a used rtx 3070 and noticed a few problems. Idle temps are at 41C and while gaming it goes up to 87C, it's the same case with my old MSI Armor 1060 6G OC, so i guess it is not enough cooling inside the case? The second problem is that when i play any game (except cpu...
  13. KiteManTM

    Question 3080 Ti Issues?

    Hey guys, so recently I’ve had this problem where my computer randomly crashes with a black screen & then my screen becomes all disorientated. I had this issue when I first built my rig, but I haven’t had them anymore after I swapped out some custom cables I had gotten. This only happens...
  14. Hecticon

    Question What's your thoughts on the new RTX 4090 PCIe power cables melting?

    Thoughts on new RTX 4090 PCIe cables melting?
  15. Tragnarok13

    Question Games are flawless then crash in 5 minutes ?

    Cpu components. Cpu- Intel I7-9700k Motherboard- Msi Mpg z390 gaming edge ac (bios date is 06-11-2020) Gpu- MSI Gaming GeForce RTX 3060 12GB GDDR6 Power supply- 750w. Games work great for 5 min or so it will suddenly crash and force close (sending me back to desktop). cpu % is around 30-50. GPU...
  16. Edmundane

    Question Laptop GPU performance issue: sudden throttling?

    Over the last few days I have been having an issue with my laptop: an ASUS Vivobook that I bought almost a year ago. Basic Specs Windows 11 AMD Ryzen 5600H Nvidia Geforce RTX 3050 16 GB RAM The problem appears to be with my gpu. While gaming, the gpu will run normally for a few minutes, then...
  17. G

    [SOLVED] PCIe Lanes Again: GPU, Video Capture, RAID

    I have a system with a Core i9 10th gen CPU and MSI MPG Z490 motherboard. I also have a NVME storage device, a PCIe Aver Media video capture card, and a PCIe Firewire card - I still have some old video cameras using that. All of these used to work with an RTX 2070 graphics card. When I replaced...
  18. never.anonymous

    Question Unknown Stereoscopic Magenta/Cyan Outlining in Games ?

    I'm attaching pictures as an example. I'm playing multiple titles and I'm getting strange Magenta/Cyan outlining on distant objects towards the peripheral edges of my display. I have absolutely no idea what could be causing this. It's most prominent on Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 and High...
  19. Gasturax

    Question At available price, should I go for RTX 3060 TI or RTX 3070 TI

    Hello everyone, G'day! Guys I'd like to ask some help of which is the best choice for me to go, I'm from Brazil and at January/23 I'm going to Paraguay, the paradise of GPU for us Brazilians, since taxes are lower and final prices are much lower than in Brazil. I need to choose whether to...
  20. E

    [SOLVED] I need Help with new psu purchase .

    Hello , At last got my new gpu a rtx 3060 ti msi gaming x lhr (~480euro), i already have an i5 10600k on a z490 strix-e mobo and 16gb ram(2x8gb) . It's time for a new psu . I use a corsair vs550 white . Very , very reliable with the 10600k and my 1060 gtx super jetstream 6gb ...
  21. W

    Question New GPU but no FPS improvement ?

    i recenty upgraded from a 3060ti to a 4080 but i feel 0 diffrence in fps and i might even we worse i also added more ram which should make my game better but while everyone gets 550 fps i get 220 average in fortnite for example cpu:i5-12600k ram;24gb kinston hyperx fury psu:2b 850w 80+ gold...
  22. D

    Question GPU underpeforming Ryzen 9 5950x Gigabyte 3090 RTX

    Hello all! So i recently bought a PC around April, new to the PC life. I had an I5 1060 3GB before and i decided to upgrade and get a whole new PC in the process. My Specs are the following: AMD Ryzen 9 5950x Delta T Force 16 GB x 2 DDR4 3200 GeForce Gigabyte 3090 - 24 GB GDDR6X X570 w/...
  23. M

    Question GPU - Random glitches in games

    Hello. I have a problem with my GPU when I play and I was wondering if someone can help me find the problem and if there is something I can try other than buying a new product. I have 2-3 years old GPU - ROG-STRIX-RTX 2080S and few days ago I started noticing very strange and random glitches on...
  24. kotohika

    [SOLVED] Bad performance on RTX 3060

    Hello! I recently bought a 3060 but somehow it's performing way worse than my old 1050ti. In CS:GO for example, the 3060 is struggling to reach 200 FPS on the lowest settings and I'm noticeing a lot of stuttering while the 1050ti in medium settings could easily stay at 350 FPS on average. Also...
  25. Craxto

    Question 3060ti not being recognized, pcie slot shown as empty

    Just got a OEM 3060ti from DELL for my 2. PC I freshly built, but the card is only working in my main pc, not in the pc I want it to be in. The problem is, my 3080 works just fine in that 2. pc so I have no idea whats the issue with the 3060ti as its working in my main pc just fine. things...
  26. Jirkey

    Question RTX 3070 TI Gigabyte no screen, no fan spin, but heating up at boot

    I have a Gigabyte RTX3070 TI that does not display nothing, and the fans do not spin even at system startup. It apears that it heats up quickly at the instant i start the system but it does nothing else. The system i am testing it with i know it is a working one because i pluged other GPUs and...
  27. Scarcro

    Question Random GPU crashes, stuttering, losing video signal

    Hello everybody, first post of this kind so bear with me. First of all my specs: Mobo: Gigabyte Aorus Elite 570x CPU: Ryzen 5800x Cooler: DarkRock 4 GPU: MSI RTX 3080 Suprim X LHR (Bought in July 21) PSU: Bequiet Straight Power 750W RAM: G.SKILL Aegis Black 32GB Kit (2x16GB) DDR4-3200 CL16 DIMM...
  28. T

    Question Rtx 3060 or i5-12400?

    Hi! I want to upgrade my pc. I bought my pc in 2018. My build is: i5 8400 and 1070ti with 16gb. My question today is if is worth upgrade my pc with one of this components: change gpu or cpu. In my country (Spain) I find the graphics card and the processor for the same price, taking into account...
  29. JohnDotes

    Question Dedicated & Integrated GPU Usage Issue

    Hey Everyone, A couple of questions right off the bat: My GPU 0 is set to be the 'dedicated' GPU (3050ti), is that normal? Whenever I set programs, such as games, to run on the GPU, the usage shows 0%. I have already set programs to run on the dedicated GPU, but usage still shows to be 0%. Why...
  30. B

    Question PC won’t detect GPU ?

    I have a msi gaming x trio 3090 ti and back when i built the system (about half a year ago) everything worked fine but then all of a sudden my system started crashing while playing games and started bugging out really bad so I got to fixing and a new motherboard seemed to do the trick but now my...
  31. Chprime2003

    Question Mini ITX Build not booting to bios but post

    I need help with my pc build. So I have put all parts together, checked all cabling and it all is plugged in properly. What I have going on is when I go to turn the pc on everything thing lights up, all fans spinning but I am unable to get anything to display, just a no signal. Now I’ve done...
  32. C

    Question Is my Gpu still alive ?

    It's been a week since my RTX 3060 (laptop) is missing. Couldn't find anywhere , device manager , nvidia inspector. I've tried every possible thing. Is this the end of my beloved one ?
  33. Timis5

    Question HELP 3090 Performing Poorly

    What do you guys make of this? I know my way around PC troubleshooting but am by no means an expert. I cant figure out what is going on with this card I have. Recently playing MW2 and sometimes I launch the game and its stuck at around 30 FPS. This is what got me to start looking into it. Then I...
  34. hikariog

    Question ethernet port doesnt work after gpu upgrade

    i recently bought a new pc and i had an old gpu in the meantime while i wait for a better one, yesterday i switched my 1060 to the 2060 super and booted it up and suddenly my ethernet port is not working anymore. i read somewhere online that someone did exactly that and accidentaly knocked off a...
  35. Lyjusaji07

    Question Can i replace RTX 2060 newer varient(N18E-G1-B-KD-A1) with older varient(N18E-G1-KD-A1) GPU chip?

    My GPU chip got damaged, and I cannot find the newer variant(revised varient) to replace it. The only one I have is the older version chip.
  36. hooner1254

    Question Weird pixelated rainbow textures on every game I play

    GPU: 2080ti Hi there, around 2 nights ago I was playing Warhammer Vermintide II when I noticed random objects would either have no texture at all (pitch black) or have an extremely noticeable rainbow pixelated texture. At first I thought it was the game, as when I got close enough to some...
  37. J

    Question New GPU doesn't go below 30% fan speed on MSI AB fan curve. It's either 30%+ or 0 (MSI RTX 3070ti Gaming X Trio)

    I've just upgraded to an MSI 3070 ti Gaming X Trio from an MSI GTX 1070 Gaming X and I'm noticing that my custom fan curve in MSI Afterburner doesn't let it stay at 0 RPM even though it's temps are below the point where the fans should start kicking in. I've also noticed that there's a yellow...
  38. RL Leagues

    Question EVGA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti XC HYBRID suddenly black screening

    I've had this graphics card for nearly 3 years now and it has worked flawlessly up until this week. When I turn my PC on with this card in, it does not display (black screen), though the fans on it still spin. Moreover, this card has LED lit writing on it which does not light up either when it...
  39. L

    [SOLVED] Should i buy rtx 3080 ?

    so in my country rtx 3080 already msrp its MSI RTX3080 GAMING Z TRIO 10G RTX 3080 LHR but my computer still using old CPU ryzen 1600 16 gb ddr4 b350 msi gaming pro 550 focus gold seasonic gtx 1050 ti 4gb zotac my monitor 1 1440p 27 inch and 19 inch samsung 1080p any recommendations or...
  40. E

    [SOLVED] RTX 3060 Ti or RTX 3070 , what to choose .

    Hi all , I love to hear your opinions about which gpu to go for .(value for money) I have Palit super jetstream gtx 1060 6gb and i have upgraded my cpu mobo and ram (i5 10600k ,strix z490 g , 16gb 3200hz ~15Latency). Ok i have found : Asus GeForce RTX 3070 8GB Dual V2 OC...