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  1. nebalsad

    core i7 4790k with asus maximus vii ranger best overclock

    Hii My name is nebal i am from syria and my work videos edting (3ds max.Maya..Photoshop..zpruch..and high games like(metro assassin's creed the evil within.. .coul of duty 4...etc) I am moved form core I7 3770 with non k ..msi z68gd 45 I am update the bios and obs it's die for ever .... I am...
  2. Z

    Windows 8 to Windows 7 downgrade on HP Pavilion 15

    So basically I've never used this site, so I'm sorry if this is in the wrong section or anything. I've bought a Windows 8 HP Pavilion 15-p047na under the assumption that it wouldn't be a problem to downgrade to Windows 7. But after reading a few articles, I'm now quite worried that this won't be...
  3. S

    Can't activate Crossfire, tried everything

    Hello! I just registered even though I read this web since years. First of all sorry for any mistakes with my english. The problem I'm having is that I have 2 GPU, 2x Sapphire R9 270X Dual-X 2GB GDDR5 aiming for a crossfire, but I can't get it work. My PSU it's Corsair CX750 750W Builder...
  4. S

    I want to buy a good gaming headphone ..my budget is 1500-2000 rupees (INR)

    Suggest me a good gaming headphone ...my budget is 1500-2000 rupees (INR)
  5. N

    lenovo z560 screen brightness not changing

    how to decrease brightness
  6. MikeCrozza

    VGA LED solid red and no power to GPU/no display

    After purchasing a new GPU (XFX Radeon R9 270x) When seated correctly in the motherboard the VGA LED is a solid red, there also appears to be no power going to the card as the fans aren't powering up... Motherboard is an ASUS M5a97
  7. A

    Best Gaming PC Under 500$

    I want to build a gaming PC ,not much of a gamer but I just want to play FIFA 15 ,maybe battlefield or call of duty.but mainly FIFA 15 ,could any one help me out? Thanks here are the requirements for FIFA 15 of this helps Recommended Specifications: OS: Windows V/7/8/8.1 -64-bit CPU: Intel...
  8. D

    Is a GeForce GTX 760 Compatible with My PC?

    Sorry if I appear to be a bit clueless as far as PC's go as I don't know how to build them. First off, here's my computers specs: OS: Windows 7 Professional 64-bit System Manufacturer: Alienware System Model: Aurora-R4 (From what I read, this could be the motherboard?) BIOS Version/Date...
  9. M

    Completely random restarts?

    So I just finished building my computer, and now after a little bit of use my computer starts to random;y restart itself. I disabled the feature to turn back on after a blue screen, but it still restarts and doesn't give me any info on a bnlue screen... In the event viewer I get a message that...