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  1. B

    Question My computer stops being responsive after closing an app after extended use. All processes in Task Manager show 0% and I cannot open any new apps

    Any time I close an app (Final Fantasy 14) after extended use, my computer stops being responsive to new apps. Anything that is open at the same time as the app, Chrome / Discord / iTunes whatever continues to work completely fine with no indication of lag or any problem at all - however I am...
  2. Aduar97

    Question Freezing laptop

    Hi, I have an MSI GS66 Stealth 10SE, had just upgraded from 2x8gb 3200mhz Crucial ram to 2x16gb 3200mhz PNY XLR8 gaming ram last Monday (May 30th, Tonga time). It worked fine. Then come Saturday (June 4th), the laptop would freeze when left idle. The cursor won't move, won't respond to...
  3. D

    Question Random hard system freezes

    I could really use some help with this. It's been driving me crazy, not to mention interfering with my activities, for quite some time. I'm not even sure where to post this, as I'm not sure just where the root cause is. There are two systems here. Both are similarly set up and have Gentoo Linux...
  4. linxxln

    Question Mouse is freezing randomly ?

    I recently started having an issue when playing warzone where my mouse would stop tracking for a second or two at a time and then go back to normal. I don't get a windows device disconnect sound when it happens, my mouse's RGB doesn't cut out, and it is very random when it happens. It seems to...
  5. supermarine

    Question Xbox One wireless controller lags in some games ?

    Hello! I need your kind help. I'm having some issues with my XBox One wireless controller. Specifically, the sticks display some very weird lag and unresponsiveness. I detected it first while trying to play Horizon Zero Dawn via Steam. Reinstalled, verified integrity of game files. Reset the...
  6. A

    [SOLVED] why does my motherboard light up but when i press the on button nothing happens??

    so i decided to build my own pc about a year ago but never had a problem with it but today i was unplugging a wire while the pc was off and when i turn it back on the pc doesn’t do anything only lights up. the wire i inpligged was for the fans so didn’t think it was much of an issue but it must...
  7. S1nFuL_

    [SOLVED] Windows 11 (and 10 also before that) becomes unresponsive after coming out of sleep mode ?

    Dear PC Enthusiasts I'm already several months encountering an issue with my PC (and been troubleshooting quite some time on it), but from today I gave up searching around Google and would like some input from the community here. ==================== Problem Description ====================...
  8. SupremeChampion

    Question PC randomly becomes unresponsive to keyboard and clicks and everything freezes

    This issue has been frustrating me for almost a year now. I am very frustrated and I need help. For TLDR skip to bullet points. It all started in my last rig (Windows 10, i5-4460, 16Gb DDR3). The PC, while working perfectly, would randomly (usually when watching a movie) start stuttering, then...
  9. J

    Question NEED HELP, System is insanely laggy and unresponsive.

    I recently put on a new thermal paste on my CPU and GPU. All I did was take off my AIO block and the GPU block and replaced the thermal paste. Now when I boot my PC it is almost completely unresponsive and insanely laggy. I have already gone into the bios to check thermals and my CPU reads at a...
  10. Question Seagate External USB 2TB Hard Drive Becomes Sluggish/Unresponsive?

    A couple of months ago, I purchased a Seagate "Basic" 2TB USB external hard drive (STJL2000400). Looks exactly like this: https://www.walmart.com/ip/Seagate-Basic-STJL2000400-Hard-drive-2-TB-external-portable-USB-3-0-gray/694094792 During light usage, it functions fine. However, I've been...
  11. J

    Question New PC unresponsive, black screening, artifacts, 100% GPU usage and RGB freezing ?

    Starting with the RGB on my cooler pump/rad fans freezing and the USB disconnect sound repeatedly going off and reconnecting about a week into building the PC when playing Horizon Zero Dawn. I thought this was just new PC teetering issues, as it only happened when using an xbox controller with...
  12. O

    Question PC and Applications become inactive

    I could be watching something on YouTube, the video freezes but I still hear sound, I can pause it and click other things but I can't see it happening visually, same thing with every other application, everything is unresponsive including the windows "sleep, shutdown and restart" options.
  13. blackernel

    Question PC randomly freezes with audio looping

    I built my PC 5 years back and it has a permanent problem of freezing with audio loop. I am explaining in the issue in bullet points for better readability. When freezes: Mouse and keyboard don't work. Last played sound keeps looping. Doesn't come back to normal until a Hard shutdown. Reset...
  14. TereTosss

    Question My external usb hard drive is slow

    Hello. My usb external hard drive that runs a laptop hard drive used to work after i bought a new pc, but now it doesn't even show how much space is left when it loads its so slow and my files wont even load honestly i didn't use it for sending files my hard drive is 160 gigabytes and my laptop...
  15. Gxzs

    Question Computer fully freezes after 10-15 Minutes of gameplay

    My pc freezes after playing some games for 10-15 minutes. This happens with all NFS Games, Bf1 and Bf5, CarX and Rainbow6. In addition, I can run Cs:Go without any problems. When it freezes the sound of e.g. music will still go on but I can't do anything as the screen is fully frozen, to get out...
  16. Babzee1

    [SOLVED] Laptop is unresponsive and restarting doesn’t work

    When booting my laptop it works fine for the first 10 minutes then google chrome stops responding and then when checking task manager it shows cpu utilising at 60% but when sorting to see what is being used everything shows 0% I tried opening cmd but then I cant type into it and when trying to...
  17. Z

    Question Random reboots windows crashes.

    so I built a new pc and it worked fine... for the first month, now it has random reboots occasional shut downs and this weird thing where windows partially shuts down. an example being a program will freeze and I will ctrl alt delete to pull up the task manage and it will pop out but its...
  18. X

    [SOLVED] USB keyboard not starting when PC does.

    Hello, I have a USB Corsair k70 RGB rapid fire keyboard that I've had for awhile. Recently the keyboard has started not fully turning on with the rest of my PC when I boot it up. My mouse and monitor both work, and the keyboard is receiving power because the number lock light lights up when the...
  19. C

    Question Computer freezes completely after prolonged Blender use

    This is a really tough issue I've been trying to figure out for a week or so but can't make any headway. Basically, after a couple of hours straight of working in Blender, my computer will become completely unresponsive. My monitors (some connected to motherboard using integrated graphics, some...
  20. Siltant

    [SOLVED] Monitor turns random color screen and loses signal every time i boot into my desktop, and PC becomes unresponsive.

    If any moderators are here, this is my first post on Tom's Hardware Forums and I don't really know much about how it works. If I am posting this in the wrong section, please notify me and I will make this thread in another section. A few weeks ago, I just built a new PC. Specs here...
  21. Vercan

    Question Brand New PC Freezing for no apparent reason

    Hello everyone, I got a brand new pc about ~1 week ago and it continues to randomly freeze regardless of all the fixes I try. Specs: Summarized: Intel i7-9700K / RTX 2080 SUPER 8GB / 480GB SSD / 1TB HDD / Hyperx 16GB Ram / Z390 Motherboard / 750W Bronze PSU Specific: – Aerocool Quartz Revo...
  22. signum_

    Question PC seems to boot up, but my monitor is blank and my peripherals don't light up

    Ok, so basically, wanted to boot up my PC a few days ago, and at first, it sounded like everything was fine. The fans started, the power LED lit up, everything sounded right. Not sure about my SSD, but I definetly heard my second hard drive (HDD) running. Everything did not look right. My...
  23. M

    Question Random crash to black screen, external devices unresponsive. Please Help!

    My computer has recently started to crash randomly under light load to a black screen and become unresponsive. The power button will not work on it and all external devices quit working as well. If I flip the power switch lights come on but fans do not spin. The computer was working today for...
  24. treminaor

    Question Dell XPS 13 stuck 'off' & unresponsive until battery disconnect/reconnect

    I am using a refurbished 2018 Dell XPS 13 running the latest Windows 10 and I keep running to this issue: When I close the laptop lid, the laptop goes into hibernation but (occasionally) won't turn back on. The power button is unresponsive, the battery status button is unresponsive, and...
  25. O

    Question Growing number of keyboard keys becoming unresponsive?

    I have a OriginPC EON17-X Laptop that is just over 3 years old. Over the last few months I've had a worsening problem with a few keyboard keys taking multiple presses or holding down before they will register. At first it was only the D key, but over the last few months it has grown to include...
  26. NoobAtITguy

    [SOLVED] PC Freeze & Unresponsive when gaming

    Hello, I have a occurring problem as of recent. My PC becomes unresponsive and freezes completely (restart required to use) during gaming or sometimes even when launching a game. This is most of the time happening while trying to / playing Far Cry 5 at random point of times. My system meets...
  27. F

    Question oracle vm freezes/ unresponsive right after turning it on (not the guest os just the actual program)

    as the title states ive got a problem with oracle vm, ive scoured the entire internet to no avail, my problem seems to be different from other peoples, instead of the guest OS freezing (being unresponsive) the ACTUAL program i.e the main thing you see when you double click the oracle vm icon...
  28. S

    Question System IO shuts off randomly

    I've just upgraded my PC and now I'm occasionally getting an issue where the computer just completely becomes unresponsive. The video turns off (monitor says no signal), mouse lights turn off, keyboard caps lock doesn't respond, etc. This happens randomly, but more often than not when I'm using...
  29. A

    Question Windows 7 32 bit 100% Disk Usage and Unresponsive Processes

    Hello, I am running a Windows 7 32 bit laptop with 2 GB RAM and 450 GB total ROM. It is getting 100% Disk Usage after a few minutes and the softwares are becoming unresponsive. I tried- Changing Power options. Changing Animation effects. I got a solution too. It was disabling some services in...
  30. E

    HP 15-da0091ne or Acer E5-576G-58ZE

    Hello I'll be using the laptop for: (Office package - Browsing - Watching Movies - Coding(ex: Visual Studio, MySQL, Oracle db..etc) - SPSS - STATA- MATLAB ) The laptop will not be used for gaming. I want it to have good overall performance, good display(ex: colors - contrast) and sturdy...
  31. P

    Amd e2 processor

    How can I overclock amd e2 proccesor
  32. N

    Android Emulators for PC less than 4 GB RAM

    Hello, I want to play some Android games. I tried to play in the one of the best emulators (Bluestacks), but It's so lagging and only 300 MB RAM left in the PC. Luckily I didn't get Blue Screen Error. Then I tried the (MEMU) Emulator but same things happened. I learned I can install Android in...
  33. S

    Best NVidia Global Settings for Mid-Range Gaming Laptop (Please check specs)

    I´ve been lately playing heavier games on my laptop. At the start everything worked fine, but after some time I´ve been getting some FPS drops. I usually play Rainbow Six Siege, and I was wondering what the best in-game settings and the best NVidia settings I could select. I'd usually prefer...
  34. D

    Need a Video and Photo editing Rig within INR 100K Budget.

    Photography and Videography is my profession. On this rig I will mainly do Video editing like 75% video editing and 25% photo editing. And sometimes will play pubs and data 2. So please recommend me a descent Rig for this perticular purpose. Thank you.
  35. U

    PSU for i7 8700k and gtx 1080 or 1080ti..

    Hey guys! My PC specifications : CPU: i7 8700k MOBO: Asus Z370-H gaming RAM: Corsair Vengeance 16gb CPU Cooler: Cryorig M9i Air Cooler HDD: Seagate 2TB SSD: Samsung 850 Evo 256gb Gaming Keyboard and Mouse CASE: Spec 4 Corsair Monitor : LED 24inch 1080 (60Hz) ..( soon upgrading to WQHD...
  36. V

    Mechanical keyboard switches

    Hey guys, I'm planing to buy a Corsair K70 Lux RGB keyboard with cherry mx blue switches. Why i want blue switches? Because i like the feel and the sound of the switches. When you press the button it just feels satisfying.Now the question. I'am a "youtuber" i can say and im wondering will the...
  37. A

    Someone deactiving wifi

    Someone in my house always hack/ use admin stuff to make me cant play with wifi anyway for fixing this without calling ISP?
  38. purple stain

    Is a 970 Evo M.2 Worth it?

    Hi Everyone I've been wanting a M.2 drive for some time now and I can finally afford one. The question I'm asking is that with my current setup am I really going to notice a difference to justify this? Currently I have x4 850 Evo's in RAID 0. Results from Crystal Disk Mark are posted below. I...
  39. P

    No change in light

    Hello guys.... When I press the f12 key for network it's not showing whether it's on or off. For this matter it's light is white always. But when turning on the computer the f12 key is showing orange light but it changes to white by itself. Help me guys please on how to fix this. Am a bit new...
  40. KyRiEiSaVaGe

    Can I Use Dual Channel Ram On This Motherboard?

    http:// I'm looking to upgrade to 16gb of ddr3 1600mhz ram and I'm not sure if I can use dual channel ram. The motherboard is the acer-tc605 motherboard.