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    Question Ethernet disconnecting

    I built a PC and everything works just fine, the only issue is that the Ethernet connection is connected for about and hour then disconnects. I bought a new Ethernet cable but it still does it. i have the cable plugged into a wifi extender but when it disconnects its still green (which means...
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    Question Disconnect/Reconnect sound and 2 second hang when secondary display is Off

    Using a custom build PC. Graphics Card: GTX 1080 Primary Display: Asus VG248QE Secondary Display: Samsung Series 6 4k (UN43NU6900) OS: Windows 10 Pro (latest build) Both displays work fine when intended When want more FPS in games, i need to turn off and disable my TV (secondary display) i...
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    Question Ping / Disconnect Issues any help is appreciated

    So I've been having a problem for maybe a month or two and was hoping it was just something that would fix itself but here I am still with the issue. Anyways the issue I'm having is randomly my ping will spike to 2000+ for around 15 - 20 seconds it will cause me to lose connection to games if...
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    Question Wifi Keeps Disconnecting After Initial Disconnect

    So I've been having an issue with my wifi connection for a few months now. It only occurs on my PC, others devices unaffected. What happens is my wifi disconnects once then after I reconnect it will keep disconnecting every minute or so. The only way I've been able to solve the issue is...
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    Question Keyboard, mouse, and monitor disconnect from PC while gaming

    Hi. I recently built my PC and I've been having issues with my hardware disconnecting from my PC while I'm gaming. When I start playing every few minutes the screen flashes to black for about a second. After about an hour, the monitor loses connection with my PC, as does my keyboard and mouse...
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    Looking for an apt graphics card

    Which is the most apt graphics card that can be use in a pc of intel pentium processor ....2 gb ram..500 gb rom and windows 8.1.....
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    Should/Can the Power Supply Move?

    I am building a PC for the first time. I am using an EVGA SUPERNOVA Power Supply and a NZXT Noctis 450 case. I have quickly and easily put the power supply into the case, but there are some places in the power supply for screws to screw in the power supply to the case. Is it necessary to screw...
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    Going smaller platform still have the same OC potential?

    I always owned ATX motherboards but I got tired of the big case size so I was thinking going MATX or even ITX but if it impacts my overclocking potential I'll stay ATX if I have to. Do I loose anything going from ATX to a smaller size? I overclock a lot my CPU, Memory, and Videocard I don't SLI...
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    Another " Which Motherboard should I get?" post

    I'm looking at upgrading my motherboard by the holiday season, its been about 4 years since I've bought my current motherboard and need a little guidance on what to keep my eyes on. I'm a college student still... even after 6 years, so I have a limited budget and I'm looking to spend less than...
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    Need Advice for my Build!

    Hey everyone I've recently out together this pc on part pickers and plan to build it in the next few weeks, I'm fairly new to. pc building scene, so if there is anything wrong with my Build please feel free to leave some constructive criticism. And also how the current CPU I'm using is 3.7 how...
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    HDMI 2.0 Switch

    Hi there, I use two displays, a 4k @60hz TV and a Full HD Display. But everytime I have to get on me knee to swap the cables. I don't want to use both Display at once. I just would like to have a device to switch the output source, without unplugging cables. I only can find Switches and...
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    GTX 980 G1 Free Games?

    I just bought a GTX 980 G1 Gaming on December 10,2015 can I get any free games?. The shop where I bought it told me that there's no free stuffs that comes with the gpu from their shop. I wonder if there's any free bundles or promos from Geforce or Nvidia or Gigabyte . thanks :D I just wanna...
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    Trying to decide

    Hi guys ! I'm trying to decide between to builds with a maximum budget of 750 euros. I have two options in mind ( it's in spanish, but I think that it is easy to understand ): http://www.pccomponentes.com/pccly/Ab098164 The second is this...
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    Graphics Card and Motherboard and ram

    But what about the motherboard?
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    Is razer any good?

    I want to get a new keyboard and mouse for my pc and I love the look of the razer blackwidow and the razer deathadder but I have seen some people say razer producs are made cheaply and are not work buying, is this true? What keyboard and mouse should I go for?
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    Maybe a MAC Problem

    Hi my WiFi is not able to work properly with my laptop, even when the wifi is connected. All of the other devices are able to connect with WiFi and browsing can be done through those. My router is Linksys E1200 model. On the setup page for router settings, the MAC address clone is showing the...
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    Anyone know of a good laptop that's under $1000? (CAD)

    I'm looking for a good/decent laptop that's under $1000 (CAD) that can do somewhat decent gaming to good gaming
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    Suggestions for building my first computer

    My wife and I are looking to build our first computer. It's going to be used for office work but I would like to play a few games on it, mostly Final Fantasy 14 A Realm Reborn. I would like to be able to run it smoothly to do big man raids with my friends. Could this realistically be done with a...
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    Cooling solution for overclocking i7-4790K

    Hello, I'll be getting a new PC soon with i7-4790K CPU (and GTX 780 Ti, but that should be able to cool itself by its fans and the ones inside case). I plan on overclocking it eventually, at least to some degree and I'd like to know if NOCTUA NH-U14S fan will be enough for that or if I should...