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    Question Fan speed getting high

    I,m playing counter strike global (CSGO) And when I,m playing myy fan speed is getting pretty high rpm and is,m playing on csgo With I9-9900k 1060 6g Cooler Corsair H100i platinum I know I can chance something in the BIOS but I want some one advise that knows this stuff I have a MSI...
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    Question System crashing after installing new graphics card

    Recently I upgraded the graphics card of my pc from a GTX 970 to a RTX 2060 and am consequently experiencing many issues. I play games very often, and sometimes right in the middle of a game the screen will go black and the fans in my computer will go full throttle. Sometimes the system will...
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    Question Troubleshooting - PC boots sometimes, often doesn't boot and fans spin at full speed - can't find issue or fix

    Hi, posting for a friend here. I've been messaging him trying to figure out the issue. the issue is that the PC only boots up when it is in the mood to. most boot attempts result in the fans spinning at max speed as they tend to at the start, but staying at max speed and not going into POST and...
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    Question ASUS ROG GL702VS (7700HQ GTX 1070) suddenly black screened ramping up the fans to full speed.

    I was letting my laptop render a video while afk (nothing out of the ordinary, i've done it many times and the hardware and cooling solutions are more than just adequate for the job) when I noticed it ramped up the fan speed to 100% and when I got to check on it, the screen was black and there...
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    extending amplified cellular signal

    Hopefully I can make this understandable - I am far from a techie on any of this. I work from home and need decent wifi. I also live in an area where hi speed internet is not readily available and so I use a jetpack and cell phone hotspot from verizon. This area does not have good cellular...