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  1. B

    Question How to add another logical volume to KVM

    My VM can't see the second RAID array on my server system. I have a Dell PE2900 with ubuntu server installed on a small RAID array set aside for the OS. I have a second larger array for working with.. plan to use it for storage and serving up a game online. when I create a VM the only drive...
  2. Joshontech

    Question Asus VG248QE G-Sync upgraded Monitor and AMD

    I have the Asus VG248QE and have updated it with a g-sync board that nvidia offered a while ago. The monitor still runs at 144hz and 1ms refresh but it obviously now has g-sync capabilities. Does anyone know how this monitor will work with an AMD GPU? I am looking to go team red because I have...
  3. H

    Question GRUB Rescue for Win10/Linux Dual-Boot After Deleting Linux Partition

    Hi guys, Before I'm redirected to another thread, let me say that I've read literally dozens of similar threads that don't completely answer my question. I've been at this since 5am my time. So, I installed Linux on my desktop alongside Windows in its own partition. I have Windows 10 installed...
  4. S

    Question Cannot Access USB on Fedora in my School

    Hello, I was Trying to copy the Stuff on which I worked in the School from a Fedora Based PC whenever I try to Connect the USB it won't Show up in the Fedora OS, I tried Looking into the BIOS, I also tried to Reset the BIOS. The USB Even Heats Up, but nothing Shows up, many of the Other Students...
  5. News Linux 5.0 Arrives With FreeSync Support, Spectre Mitigations

    Linux 5.0 has been released, with its headlining features being the addition of FreeSync support and Spectre vulnerability fixes. Read more here. NATHANIEL MOTT @nathanielmott Nathaniel Mott is a Contributing Writer for Tom's Hardware US. He covers software and hardware component news.
  6. Julienne829

    Question Live linux mint usb not working

    So I was trying to install a new OS on an empty hard drive with a live linux usb. The live usb was created on my laptop. I downloaded linux cinnamon mint 19.1 and the universal USB Installer File names: "linuxmint-19.1-cinnamon-64bit.iso" "Universal-USB-Installer-" Then I proceeded to...
  7. S

    Question How to transfer dual boot Windows 10/Linux drive to two seperate drives?

    My system currently has a dual boot setup with Windows 10 / Linux on a single Samsung SSD with MBR. I just got a new, larger Samsung SSD. I want to transfer my Windows installation to the new drive and keep my Linux install on the old drive. I want to keep both drives in my system and select...
  8. SaMiCoOo

    Question Can I have the same RAID-0 drive mounted on both linux and windows 10 ?

    I recently bought 2 Seagate BarraCuda Internal Hard Drive 2TB SATA 6Gb/s 64MB Cache 3.5-Inch (ST2000DM006) and made a RAID-0 out of them using windows 10 storage pool options, my PC have windows 10 installed on a SSD, and ubuntu 18.04-lts installed on another SSD, I was wondering if there is...
  9. J

    Question Can I restore windows 10 if I do a factory reset?

    I installed Ubuntu in my laptop, I got rid of Windows 10, and Linux is the only OS in it now. If I do a factory reset of the laptop, will I get windows 10 back? Or, even if it came within the laptop, it is gone forever now?
  10. computerjoe314

    Question Controling RGB with linux?

    Hello! I built my computer a while ago. I was wondering if there was a way to control the LEDs on my motherboard. Is there some software that will control them that supports Linux? The official software seemed to be Windows only, and that dosen't help me. My motherboard is a MSI B360I GAMING...
  11. RazerMoon

    Question Looking for small Linux distro with nm-connection-editor for WEP hotspots

    Hi, I'm trying to find a small distro with the nm-connection-editor and ability to make hotspots, that's it. I want to be able to make a hotspot and edit it's security to WEP (the older, weaker one(wep 40/128-bit)) to use with my Nintendo DSi. I have had a lot of success with using Ubuntu and...
  12. shmu26

    Question Print to fax -- HP Officejet on Linux Mint

    I have an HP officejet 6830 (all-in-one), running on Linux Mint 19.1 x64 Cinnamon. I want print to fax function, or workaround. On Windows I use the HP universal fax driver.
  13. A

    Question Removing EFI system partition a good idea?

    Hello, I tried to dual boot ubuntu with my windows 10 but after what seemed to be a successful attempt, i realized that it just did not work anymore the boot ui (where it allowed me to select which OS I would like) just did not show up and I got booted straight to windows. On top of that, I had...
  14. H

    Question recommendation on wif + extender + mesh

    hi, I need recommendation. I have a smallish house - but with wifi blocking walls aparently. I would like recomendartion on a wifi router that comes with a extender. I have coax connected between the rooms I need to connect. meaning - in back room - main router will be connected to modem...
  15. [SOLVED] Intel Optane 16GB Unsupported Chipset Error

    I have properly installed the Optane Hardware on to my Motherboard. In the Device Manager it can be seen. But whenever I am trying to install "SetupOptane.exe" it comes with an Unsupported Chipset error. Please find screen-shots for further references Kindly suggest or help in this regards...
  16. C

    Question Battery issue

    So I have a laptop HP 250 G5 and I noticed that it is charging then is stops (brightness goes down) starts again and it keeps going like that charges , stop chargin , starts again. Would it be possible maybe I changed some settings from the power options? (Already tried to uninstall the...
  17. Red463

    [SOLVED] PC Suddenly no display, CPU EZ debug LED(Msi)

    Hey guys, So I shut my PC down in the evening as usual, with no signs of a problem. I go to boot it up in the morning and absolutely nothing happened. I unplugged and re-plugged psu and I got power after pressing the button but no display, after pulling the side I can the the msi EZ debug CPU...
  18. B

    Question My pc is not running like it used too

    My pc was running well when I first built but then my cpu fan was going wack then I reset my pc and I used to be able to get 140fps on fortnite but now I can nearly get 60 I haven’t installed my motherboard drivers yet My specs Gtx 1070 Ryzen 2600 2x 4gb ram
  19. N

    Question Why can't i get higher than 144fps? I have an 144hz monitor, but it still caps at 144. Help PLS!!

    Specs ARE: Graphics Card: GTX 2080Ti Processor: i9-9900 Ram: 16G
  20. obi1kenobi

    Question Windows boot

    Hi all I had to reinstall windows 10 on my desktop as I ran into a few problem. Previously When windows started it showed the Asus screen which has the delete and F2 on it and then went straight to the lock screen. Now it shows the windows logo and then goes to the lock screen. How to I change...