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  1. J

    Question Need help deciding Headset

    So, i have 100 dollars to spend on a headset. I did some research. I was looking towards hyperx cloud alpha or arctis 5. I will usually use headset for mobile gaming, pc gaming and regular everyday on the go music listening. Im also open to other headset suggestions. Im also not looking for a...
  2. D

    Question low cpu power when i play games

    i have a laptop with the flowing specs: i3-4005u 6gb ram intel hd 4400 windows 8.1 x64 500 gb hdd after 2 minutes or less of playing game the fps drops from 50-60 to 25- 20 randomly in any game i tried many of solutions like: -updating bios -updating gpu drivers -clean laptop fan and apply...
  3. Raerayu

    [SOLVED] Best Windows 10 Changes to Make for Gaming?

    Just came back to windows 10 with my new mobo, ASUS Prime z270a, and seems like i'm missing a lot of settings to get everything out of my PC. What are the most necessary and optimal windows settings to change? I have high performance on. :)
  4. F

    Question Boxer In Outlook

    I installed mail apps on my phone like Tracker, Boxer and Astro. I uninstalled them because I didn't like them. However, they are showing up on PC in Outlook. How can I get rid of them?
  5. Pentium4User

    Question Toshiba M1150-S1061 video issues

    Hello so I have been having a quite annoying issue, Yes I know this laptop old but I mainly use it for a network hotspot and sometimes I use it to watch dvds on it. The issue I am experiencing is that video drivers (It has a xpress 200m) it will not load no matter what I'm pretty much stuck with...
  6. S

    Question Need advice: Mild overclocking on a i5 8600k.

    Looking for cooler that will keep temps low for mild overclocking on a i5 8600k and would fit into a micro atx case. I would prefer an air cooling and didn't want to spend over $100. CPU: Intel - Core i5-8600K 3.6 GHz 6-Core Processor ($268.00 @ SuperBiiz) Motherboard: MSI - Z370M MORTAR...
  7. J

    Question GPU Issue?

    Firstly, thanks :) SO. I've had this issue for quite a bit of time now. For some odd reason, my games tend to get choppy after around 45 minutes of use (this is a variable, it could be much sooner). Restarts tend to fix the issue on some occasions, however, it's a pretty large inconvenience. I...

    Question why my toshiba external hard drive 1 tb is connecting and diconnecting the hole time

  9. C

    Question internet working, new pc slow wired internet

    msi b450 motherboard with 10.31.828.2018 version drivers from msi website no msi ethernet/lan programs/apps installed getting 1-10mbps download with the computer getting 82mbps via same network over wifi to my phone never had this problem before, usually latest ethernet drivers and everything...
  10. X

    Question Is my Motherboard the issue when attemping to Crossfire

    Hello everyone. while attempting to play Apex Legends, my game kept freezing on my old system (i3 4130 and AMD R9 270x), so I decided to upgrade some components, primarily Crossfiring my GPUs. I couldn't find another R9 270x so I switched to dual R9 280x. The problem now is that I can't seem to...
  11. L

    Question Best budget motherboard lga 1155

    so im running into a cpu bottleneck it seems and i would like to overclock my cpu but my current mb (p8h61 mx R2.0) doesnt support it . im running a i7 3770k , my current mb is super old as it doesnt even support usb 3.0 and it only has 2 ram slots but i would like to have 4 slots to have...
  12. G

    Question Temp CPU over 100 help please this is my expensive working machine

    Got my workstation getting temperature CPU over 100 after less than 2 minutes I turned on. The computer has been working perfectly for the last few years. I got this issue since I moved house and the computer was moved. At the beginning I thought was a lot of dust and cleaned the small...
  13. justgoofing

    Question Is this motherboard compatible with this cpu?

    Hi i want to buy a MSI x58 pro...
  14. matty5ps

    Question upgraded from phenom II 955 - fx 8350 and now most games/applications hang for a long time before loading

    as per the description i upgraded my cpu and while im getting phenomenally faster speeds everywhere im having an issue where after i click on an application of any kind there is a massive delay (im talking sometimes over a minute) before the application opens up or the game i have clicked on...
  15. W

    Question Mining gtx 1070

    Hello good, I have a problem with my graphic or something from my pc that does not let me mine I put for example to mine in nicehash and I get that I'm going to 29mhs but then at the time of the money I get that gives me 0.3 eur up to date. I have already tried different programs. Thank you.
  16. Nerdy Nerd

    [SOLVED] Temp monitoring on one screen while gaming on other

    So I have a 4k monitor and a cheap 1080p monitor and system is running windows 10 home. The 4k monitor is the monitor that I am gaming on, obviously. The 1080p monitor I use for displaying my temperature monitoring programs (msi afterburner & HWMonitor). I am able to get those 2 temp monitoring...
  17. L

    Question Loud HDD? Asus Zenbook UX410UA

    Ever since unboxing the laptop and switching it on for the first time, the spinning of HDD is clearly audible and occasionally it makes a chirping sound, kinda like "an old computer working hard" sound. Is this something I should worry about/should I return it as faulty? I don't seem to have any...
  18. M

    30 seconds is all you get

    So this what I deal with to get internet on this win10 HP desktop: unplug the USB WiFi adapter (Realtek RTL8188CU) plug it back, wait a minute ok, go! Use it wisely you have exactly 30 seconds until it disconnects and you need to do it all over again. Of course this is absolutely ridiculous. I...
  19. B

    My game files are gone

    I was excited to play Apex after downloading it for 6 hours. But it is installed in other partition. So a cut and then pasted it on the other, but when I tried to locate the game, the folder itself is now 98 MB. Most of the folders are empty. Now origin will now repair the game for another 6 hours.
  20. B

    (Chrome os) How to make a file open using a certain program.

    My friend is using chrome os but the program for our test requires us to open the notepad download with the program. Usually on Windows etc you would double click or right click and it would open with the program chosen. But the issue is i don't know where in chrome os that is hidden! Thanks for...