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  1. K

    [SOLVED] My PC goes randomly into sleep mode

    Specs (5 year old system): i7 4790(nonk) 16gb ddr3 1866mhz Zotac Gtx 970 Asus z97a mobo Cooler Master hyper 212x cpu cooler Corsair CX600M PSU So since a week or so, my PC has been randomly slipping into sleep mode, its happening frequently now. It just goes into sleep mode and as soon as I...
  2. R

    [SOLVED] How can I modify the “schedule scan” to be disabled? (don't have permission to disable)

    After running powercfg /requests, it seems that \Device\HarddiskVolume3\Windows\System32\MoUsoCoreWorker.exe is responsible for my computer not being able to sleep/stay asleep. I've located the process to "schedule scan" within the task scheduler, but am unable to disable it as I get an error...
  3. D

    Question Sleep sometimes doesn't work and occasional crashes

    Build a PC in 2015. Win10 Pro Asus z93 Intel 4790k NVIDIA GTX 970 16g RAM Corsair AX 860 All has been really stable until recently. Windows update in march made my machine go batty, wouldn't boot (couldn't get to windows login. I resolved this (alot of troubleshooting) eventually. Said bad...
  4. G

    Question PC not waking up from sleep mode

    Hi all, I am new to the forum and am quite desperate for a solution. I looked at several threads before posting and tried a few things already, but nothing seems to work. The issue is that my new build PC is not waking from sleep mode - both, when put to sleep manually or when it goes to sleep...
  5. [SOLVED] Can't stop keyboard from waking up computer from sleep mode

    Hi guys. I recently bought a new keyboard. so I usually turn off my PC on Sleep Mode. But something wakes it up after some minutes. After researching a bit, I found out its the keyboard. WHAT I'VE TRIED: Uninstall Keyboard Driver, Reinstall it again. Changing Keyboards. Setting "Allow this...
  6. O

    [SOLVED] Offline Hard Drive keeps waking up constantly by itself ?

    Hello, I'm having an issue with one of my hard drives. It is a seagate 3TB HDD, used for storage for data not used frequently (I access it about 1h per day maximum) so I don't need it to spin constantly. First, I tried to put 3 min delay for the HDD to be put to sleep in windows 10 power...
  7. Z

    Question No sleep mode option on power button menu nor in power options' shutdown settings

    I noticed this problem just a couple of days ago and i really don't understand what's happening. For some reason, i don't have the sleep option anymore. I actually tried activating the option in the power options menu, but it's also missing there. I already tried also restoring the system to a...
  8. Z

    Question Front Panel Power led keeps blinking after shutting down PC

    So yes. This is something that began to happen like a week ago and i don't know why. I tried reconnecting the front panel connections but still the same. It doesn't go to sleep mode or hibernation, typing and clicking do not boot up the pc. Also, at the same time, the sleep mode option...
  9. shmu26

    [SOLVED] BSOD after waking up from sleep

    Every time I shut the lid, I get a BSOD when waking up. "Critical process died". New ASUS laptop X509JB with Windows 10 1909 I ran and installed Windows updates I ran intel driver updater, and MYASUS tool for checking system and BSODs, and ndivia updater. I see nothing marked in drivers I...
  10. J

    [SOLVED] Laptop goes to sleep with every option

    Hello, I have the ASUS ZenBook UM433DA-R7BVXSB1 and everytime I try to shutdown or restart (even after disabling fast-start option) it goes to sleep. The power button has a LED that blinks sometimes in this sleeping state. Whenever I press a key it turns back on and sometimes just stays in a...
  11. I

    [SOLVED] Weird GPU display issues

    I have been having peculiar issues with getting no display from my GPU for just over a month now. I have tried the following with various results -Cleaning GPU (Worked a few times but hard to tell if it is just coincidental) -Reseat GPU (Worked a few times but again, could be coincidental)...
  12. quixoticduck

    [SOLVED] Computer is only kinda sleeping?

    Hi. My PC was working fine until recently when I had to update to Windows 10 (from W7). I'm fairly sure this is not a hardware issue because of this. Now, when tell it to go to sleep the fans sound the same as when it's on, and my keyboard stays lit up, but the monitor goes blank. It seems to...
  13. T

    Question a variety of (probably) related boot problems

    since i upgraded my computer with a new gpu, motherboard, cpu and ram i have had problems booting. it seem to be completely random what happens. some of these are: 1. computer takes 2 tries to boot when this happens i start it up, motherboard posts, i can enter the BIOS, but the windows 10 boot...
  14. T

    Question Windows 10 won't wake up from sleep - GPU or motherboard?

    Hello. I've seen dozens of similar problems on the web, but none of them gave any conclusion - so I'm taking my shot here. The problem is, Windows 10 refuses to wake up from sleep. It doesn't matter whether it's a fresh install (with only the GPU drivers installed), or with all my usual drivers...
  15. G

    Question Windows 10 / Asus Zenbook UX430UNR - laptop turns off / loses power when unattended, possibly during sleep mode

    Hi all - I am having an issue with my laptop turning off unexpectedly. Apologies for how vauge this description is, when I go to use the computer after being left unattended for a period of time, I expect to be waking it from sleep mode, but it won't turn on. In order for me to turn it on I need...
  16. H

    [SOLVED] How can I run a script (windows) BEFORE computer sleep?

    I have a program that runs 24/7 but interrupts sleep if I don't close it beforehand. It sets the windows sleep to Away mode so that it can remain running, but I don't want it to run throughout sleep. It's pretty easy to run the program at startup with Task Scheduler or by placing a shortcut in...
  17. J

    [SOLVED] Computer will not go into sleepmode or it will sleep but can't wake up properly

    So this just happened out of nowhere, I am a fan of putting my computer into sleepmode if I know I will get back to it within 30 min or so (otherwhise I shut it down). Situation 1: What happens when I click SLEEP or when it goes into sleep after 20 min is: Turns off monitor, keyboard, mouse...
  18. F

    [SOLVED] Why monitor goes to sleep during PC restart?

    Hi, I hope everyone is doing OK. I have a question about my monitor going to sleep during reboot, no POST screen is shown, monitor then displays logon screen when reboot finished. I have a brand new Phillips 27 inch 4KUHD, Model: 276E8V, monitor. I am running Win 10-64 Home on a MSI A88XM...
  19. Alijericho

    Question Keyboard not working after sleep

    My keyboard stops working after every SLEEP session. I have do unplug and re-plug it to make it work again. This cheap brand (Ucom) do not have any drivers unfortunately. My Secs:- Xeon 3450 GTX 1070 EVGA PSU Corsair TX750 128 GB SSD (boot) + 1TB HDD Windows 10
  20. T

    [SOLVED] Keyboard doesn't work for a few seconds after boot/wake from sleep

    I can't tell if this is a general windows 10 issue or something specific to my computer so I'm putting it here but let me know if I should move it. I got the Gigabyte Aero 15 Classic-SA-F74ADW recently and since I've had it I've noticed this issue. Immediately after booting it or waking it up...
  21. bogdan.isar1

    Question Monitor won't automatically turn on if set to 75hz

    Hello, My current setup includes a 29WK600 LG monitor and an Asus ROG G750JW laptop. The problem with this setup is that if the monitor is running at 75hz, it will not wake up from low power mode if I move my mouse or if my laptop is waking up from sleep/powering on. To fix this issue I have to...
  22. F

    Question IBM System x3200 M2 won't come out of sleep

    Hi, I've been using the server in the title as an everyday use PC. I installed Linux on it, and the power settings were that after 30 minutes, the machine would suspend. The problem is that now I can't seem to turn it on again. I've removed the BIOS battery, removed the jumper that's right...
  23. ItsZanoniBro

    Question Main monitor not returning from sleep

    Hey guys - I've found a ton of threads tackling this in general, but my situation seems a little unique. I recently set up a nice dual monitor display using my old (5+ years) ASUS 21.5 inch as a secondary, and a brand new ViewSonic 27 inch monitor as the primary. When the computer goes to...
  24. Seeven7

    Question Random bluescreen after wake up?

    Hello guys. I have this system: CPU i7 4790k non overclocked PSU Corsair RM750 RAM 32 gigs 4 DIMM of corsair ddr 3 1866 mhz cl 9-10-9-27 GPU ASUS STRIX OC GTX 1080ti MOBO Gigabyte z97 d3-h rev 1.2 STORAGE 1x Intel 545s ssd 512gb sata, 1x intel 545s 128 gb m.2 COOLING Corsair h115i pro rgb...
  25. thedeathclox

    [SOLVED] Alienware 15R3 display issues with all Distros

    Hey, as the title suggests, I can't seem to get ANY distro to play nice with my laptop. Of course, as highlighted in the title, it's an Alienware 15R3 - i7-7700HQ, 24GB DDR4, GTX 1060 6GB (switchable with Intel HD 620 onboard), NVMe 240GB SSD and 2TB platter drive. Seems like every distro I try...
  26. butterfig

    Question Corsair K70 Mk 2 Sleep and Wake Delay

    Hello. I recently purchased a K70 mk2 and a K68 RGB. The K68 slept my desktop fine, but with the MK 2, it is delayed 2 to 3 minutes. I have never experienced this before, but my display switches off, but my desktop and peripherals remain on. I can tell my desktop is on because of the fans...
  27. yeeteatandREPEAT

    Question Laptop wake from sleep, no display output Windows 10

    Power button light on, external keyboard backlights on, and others... Got multiple laptops in the house and this is my main one that I use all the time, I really depend on it so I am asking you all this question: Today I had to leave the house, so I opened the power menu from the Windows...
  28. J

    Question Programs switching to another display after sleep

    Hi, I have a problem that really bugs me, sometimes I put my PC to sleep(manually), and after waking up all the programs switch to a different screen(not the primary screen). Not sure if that is the actual reason, but it would make sense to me that because my second screen is waking up much...
  29. L

    Question PC is not coming back from sleep mode, even after restarting

    So my PC wouldn't come back from sleep mode (when the monitor just goes black but the fans are still spinning and the computer still makes noise etc.) no matter what keys I pressed, so I turned it off by holding down the power key, tried turning it back on, I only get the ASUS logo when...
  30. M

    Issue with an AMD system

    Firts,thank you for your support.Recently,I wanted to upgrade my PC.I bought a MOBO(Gygabyte AX370M-Gaming 3) and a Ryzen 5 2600 processor. When I installed the components in my computer,I tried to turn on it,and something was not matching.I thaught that my memory QLV is not available for the...
  31. M

    [SOLVED] Help with my pc crash please.

    Hi, my pc in middle of gameplay crashes to blue screen or crashes to a flickering black screen witg gray square, I can't game but I can do web casually, here is my pc specs: I7 3770 6-7 y/o Asus Z77 VLX 1x8 2x2 (12gb ram ddr3 1333mhz) Gtx 1080 bottlenecked (cpu on 100% gpu doesnt utilities it...
  32. K

    This PC vs Xbox One X

    Guys, would this PC spec be more powerful than an Xbox One X? CPU: i5-8500 GPU: RX 580 8GB RAM: Corsair Vengeance DDR4 16GB 2733MHz Motherboard: ASUS PRIME Z370-P Power Supply: Corsair TXM Series 80 PLUS Gold 550W
  33. Jiry_XD

    Pc crashes when clicking launch Fortnite

    Hello, people this problem just started happening to me today i will send a photo below this happens whenever i click launch on epicgames launcher Here is the link for the picture Here is the link of my specs...
  34. A

    Best 144hz 27in gaming monitor

    What’s is the best 144hz under $300 that is at least 27inches that is great for gaming competitively in csgo?
  35. VGM8Richard

    Speakers not working after headphones plugged in

    Hi so I have a dumb issue that probably isn't that hard but the fixes I've tried didn't work. I used my headphones and when I unplugged them no sound came out of my speakers anymore. I tried rebooting, plugging headphones back in and out a couple of times, reinstalled audio drivers, checked...
  36. P

    Parts Puzzle: What Mobo Works Well With This Hardware?

    TL;DR: I have the following bits of kit, and am just looking for the input of people more knowledgeable than me for a motherboard that will let everything play nicely with each other: PCPartPicker part list / Price breakdown by merchant CPU: Intel - Core i7-950 3.06GHz Quad-Core Processor...
  37. H

    "AMD specific ram" Is this a thing?

    So, I'm trying to fix up a PC with missing components for as little as possible, and one thing that is confusing me, is my RAM situation. See, The motherboard is the Acer EG31M-S2, and whenever I go searching for cheap ram, it always mentions AMD, leaving me rather confused as to whether this...
  38. M

    CPU Running hot

    So, i've been playing on my computer for about 2 years now, and suddenly from one day to another it starts lagging in games and going slow, so i restart it, and it tells me error, cpu is too hot or whatnot. So i dust of my fan and radiator, and put on some new thermal paste. problem isnt gone...
  39. U

    Toshiba Satellite L50-C laptop keyboard lock

    I brought Toshiba Satellite L50-C laptop. When I restart the laptop each and every time its keyboard is lockked and i need to
  40. B

    Issue when installing new processor

    Hey, So I recently went to upgrade the processor in my old laptop. I made sure the new one was compatible. I took all the proper steps when opening it up and installing it but when I went to start my computer I got a black screen, the fan started up, but nothing else. Then the Caps Lock, Num...