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  1. L

    Question My $3000 pc doesn’t feel snappy and almost sluggish like it can’t keep up with basic tasks.

    I can’t figure out what’s up with my pc. It’s feels almost as if there is a serious delay between performing an action and it actually happening. Any suggestions? My pc parts are: I5 9600k @4.8 ghz Rtx 2080 aorus water force Aorus z390 Coolermaster rgb aio cpu cooler Corsair vengeance...
  2. llamasg

    Question Monitor disconnecting during use - signal not found. Have to restart my PC to get it on again.

    Hi, For the past week my monitor has been disconnecting randomly throughout the day and won't turn back on until I restart the PC from the power. The monitor displays "signal not found" and all sound cuts out from my pc, the rgb lights stay on the PC implying that it is still on but my friends...
  3. N

    Question Used gtx 1080ti or new RTX 2080 (300$ difference)

    Hello, what would you suggest is better choice GTX 1080ti Founders Edition (last 5 days of warranty) or new MSI RTX 2080 Ventus (2 years warranty) -> RTX 2080 is 300 $ more in my country than used gtx 1080ti that I mentioned. My cpu is Ryzen 2700x ( which I might return and buy 3900x). I do...
  4. N

    Question i5 8600 + rtx 2080 bottleneck ?

    Hello, Will my i5 8600 non-K paired with gtx 1080 ti/ or rtx 2080 work well? 1440p 144hz monitor Or would it bottleneck ? Thx
  5. H

    Question what gpu for a 43 inch ultrawide

    Hello all, trying to decide on a system setup to run a 43 inch ultrawide at over 100hz and at a decent refresh rate. How does this sound? i7-9700k on z390 M-board with 16gb ddr4 at 3200mhz with a rtx 2080 and 2tb hdd that has a 256mb cache and 750w PSU. For cooling im thinking a dark rock 4 air...
  6. S

    Question Will i7 8700 bottleneck a RTX 2080?

    I'm going to build a new pc. Firstly, I saw i7 9700k but then i realized that the 8700 is 100$ less. I checked the benchmarks and there wasn't a big difference, but will the 8700 bottleneck? The build: CPU:Intel Core i7-8700 Box MOBO:Asus Rog Strix Z390-E Gaming RAM:G.Skill TridentZ RGB 16GB...
  7. Jeff_120

    Question MSI Ventus 2080 vs Zotac Gaming 2080?

    In my country and within my budget only 2 cards are available: -MSI Ventus RTX 2080 at 830$ -Zotac Gaming RTX 2080 at 770$ I had 2 gaming X MSI card before (GTX 960ti and GTC 1070) and I must say I like the MSI quality and apps, the Ventus is also factory OC and has more leds while the Zotac...
  8. S

    Question Computer posts and boots into safe mode but I get a black screen when booting normally

    Hey guys, I have reinstalled my os and everything works up until a certain point. After I am done setting it up I believe drivers start to automatically install and my screen goes black and I can’t do anything. I reboot multiple times, I can get into the bios, I can get to the recovery screen...
  9. ewald30

    Question rtx 2070 or rtx 2080 for i7 8700

    Hi guys, i just want to ask if i should get the rtx 2080 over rtx 2070 for about 150$ dollars more, also, will my cpu bottleneck the 2080? or will my psu be good enough? My pc scpecs are: I7 8700 (non k version) Msi z370 16 gigs of ram g skill trident Z Thermaltake Rome (toughpower) 750W...
  10. S

    Question RTX 2080 memory clock spikes - why?

    Hello, I recently built a new system and everything seems to be working fine - apart from my GPU. The temps are fine when playing games - 1440p max settings at 120fps (average) I hit 69C max. There is some coil whine however it is not the main issue. However when I'm idle the problem occurs...
  11. E

    [SOLVED] Radeon 7 vs rtx 2080 in May 2019

    I am trying to decide between these two cards, and at the launch of the Radeon 7, it looked like the RTX 2080 was the winner, however I've seen some newer reviews done in April on youtube and it seems that new drivers have helped the Radeon 7 a lot, and it's pretty much right on par with the...
  12. S

    Question Any software that automatically determines the best overclock for my GPU?

    I have a RTX 2080 8GB Founders Edition and I dont feel like going through hours of trial and error...
  13. S

    Question DSR Factors

    So this was turned on in Nvidia settings, to 4x resolution I believe by default. I went ahead and turned of DSR Factors completely just because it seemed like something that could take a hit to performance. But just wondering if this is something that should be on? or nah. I'm not 100% sure...
  14. mystic_mul

    Question What PSU would i need for a i9 9900K and a RTX 2080.

    Right i'm putting together a PC with the named parts above and i've been told by a few of my friends to go for a 1000w, but upon watching vids of PC builds i've seen people build PC's with a i9 9900K and the ti variation of the RTX 2080 and use a 850w so i'm posting for more insight and help...
  15. V

    [SOLVED] Exhaust Fan Suggestion

    Hi, I've just built my new pc but i have problems regarding of cooling. I'm using CM Masterbox K500l and inside ryzen 2700x with stock cooler, asus rtx2080, msi pro carbon x470, CM 600w 80+ psu. There are 2 12mm front fans and 1 12mm rear exhaust fan. All of these fans are preinstalled and they...
  16. marek_shields

    [SOLVED] Best air cooled RTX 2080 (non-Ti) cards

    After talking myself out of buying an RTX 2080 Ti due to the insane cost increase over the RTX 2080 and not enough of a performance increase to justify the cost, I have turned my sights on the RTX 2080s. Looking around on Newegg and some review sites to try and narrow down which to buy, there...
  17. mystic_mul

    Question I9 9900k with a 1050ti

    This is probably a stupid question to ask but imma do it anyway, right so basically I'm building a new PC my current PC is a i5 8600k and a 1050ti my new PC is gonna be a i9 9900k and a rtx 2080 basically what I wanna ask is I'm ordering my cpu in the coming days and won't be ordering my...
  18. marek_shields

    Question RTX 2080 RGB compatibility with iCue

    Hello folks, I am in the market for a RTX 2080 for my new rig that I have all set up with a Corsair commander, RGB fans and a few light strips. I also have one of the Corsair RGB keyboards to go with the setup. Does anyone know if there are RTX 2080s that have iCue support? I don't necessarily...
  19. K

    Question Just built new pc and having terrible stuttering in games

    So i just built my new pc yesterday (https://pcpartpicker.com/list/QnyQJ8) and ive been having some issues with it. It started with driver issues, i was getting a few bluescreens here and there and maybe me trying to run the ram at 3200 was part of the problem so i just decided to reinstall...
  20. I

    Question i7 8700K 100% Usage 5% GPU Usage

    Disclaimer: New to PC gaming (October 2018) Build: i7 8700k (6x 3.7GHz / 12 MB L3 cache) MSI GeForce RTX 2080 8 GB GDDR6 ASUS Z370 Plus Gaming RGB A recent NVIDIA driver update resulted in Battlefield V running a very unsteady 90-120 fps (1080p ULTRA) Where I’m used to seeing a steady 140+...
  21. SecretSanta691

    Question Not getting the expected Performance!!!

    I recently built a pc with a threadripper 2950x , rtx 2080, 32gigs of dual channel ram ( 3000mhz). I saw on YouTube that people are getting much more fps in gaming than I am. Like i just saw a benchmark of rainbow six siege at 1080p ultra and the Average framerates are 300-330fps. But i only get...
  22. Impu7se

    [SOLVED] Need feedback on this pc

    Hey, so yeah so just need some feed back, check it and tell your thoughts in the comments : https://pcpartpicker.com/list/stKMWD
  23. L

    Question Best 1440p 144Hz gaming monitor

    Hello, I'm looking for a new gaming monitor and can't decide which one to pick. I already have a really good 27in 4k monitor so this monitor would be purely for gaming. Panel performance (response time and input lag) comes before picture quality (it's my second screen), but if I can get...
  24. robsta

    Question Where to sell new GPU?

    Hello, I have a completely unused, unopened RTX 2080 that I'd like to sell but I'm not sure where to list it. I'm based in Europe. If I could get some suggestions on where to go along with what price to list it at, that would be greatly appreciated. Also sorry if this is in the wrong thread...
  25. mf2385

    Question Time to upgrade..Needing advice!

    My current rig as-is: Core i7-5820K 16GB DDR4 2133 EVGA GTX 690 4GB Cooler Master HAF 932 Case 256GB SSD OS 3TB External Storage I'm looking to upgrade to: Core i9-9900K 32GB DDR4 2133-2600 RTX 2070 8GB 1TB SSD (Games/Storage/Apps) 256GB SSD (OS) 3TB External (Storage) I'll give you guys...
  26. szogun

    Question RTX 2080 low fps. CPU bottleneck?

    Today I got my MSI RTX 2080 Gaming X Trio upgrade from my MSI GTX 970 Gaming 4G Installed it turned on my pc installed BFV, Anthem and Metro Exodus Tested in Metro first getting around 90-100fps on ultra 1080p no ray tracing and with ray tracing around 60-80 not bad. Then I tried out anthem...
  27. L

    Question 144fps+ w/ 2080 and 8700k at 1440p?

    Hello, I'm building my first pc and I bought a RTX 2080 and a I7 8700k (delid) that I will overclock. I'm so undecided on which 144Hz monitor to buy. 27 in 1440p vs 24 in 1080p. My question is: will I be able to hit 144fps plus on most games at 1440p to consider spending the extra money on...
  28. M

    Question RTX 2080 Ti not detected / No signal

    I bought a new fully put together pc running rtx 2080. But the computer doesn’t have DVI-D so i had to buy a HDMI converter. After that i was able to get signal via onboard intel graphics. But i get no signal when plugging into the graphics input. At first, the gpu was detected but ”greyed out”...
  29. N

    [SOLVED] Full waterblock for my gpu

    I have been searching around for a full waterblock for my asus geforce rtx 2080 dual oc 8gb gddr6 graphics card, but i have been unable to find any. if i am right it is a custom PCB with means a water block for a reference PCB will not fit. Does anyone know a waterblock that fits for my card. i...
  30. A

    Question RTX 2080 IO bracket screw size?

    Anyone know the size of the smaller 4 screw on the bracket around the display ports? I lost the screws to mine and I can't find anything about the size of them online.
  31. C

    Question Low Performance

    I recently upgraded my GPU to an RTX 2080 and I'm noticing low fps compared to online benchmarks. According to benchmarks, even GTX 1080s are outperforming my GPU. For example, I get around 80-120 fps in Battlefield 1 ultra settings, 1080p. People with GTX 1080-1080TIs are getting 150-200. Same...
  32. J

    [SOLVED] Is my RTX 2080 too powerful for my pc?

    I recently bought a 2080 to replace my 1070. The CPU i currently have is a ryzen 7 1700. Whenever I am trying to play games it ends up crashing in about 5-10 minutes or less. My first thought is that my cpu isn't good enough or would there be some other reason my games would be crashing with...
  33. T

    Question RTX 2080 XC Ultra Fan 0 RPM

    So I've done everything from uninstalling drivers with DDU to manually adjusting fan speed in Precision X1 (although I dont know how to really use EVGA software in terms of leaving it running after applying and saving or what). While I'm gaming only Fan #1 is spinning and the other one is at...
  34. G

    Question i7 9700K Noctua NH-D15 running hot!!?

    Hey, so I've sold my previous i7 9700K build and got a new one. i7 9700K RTX 2080 ASUS ROG Strix OC ASUS ROG STRIX Z390 Gaming F 16gb G.skill 3200mhz Noctua NH-D15 EVO 970 m.2 EVO 860 Toshiba 2TB HDD Corsair RMX 750 Nanoxia Deep silence 5 rev b. Full tower with 4 140mm fans. The cpu...
  35. D

    Question RTX 2080 GPU Overclock, did I ruin my GPU?

    Good day, Firstly I'll tell you my components: GPU: RTX 2080 MSI Trio & PSU: Corsair RMx Series RM750x 750W Yesterday, a friend came over and told me that my GPU can be overclocked easily to its maximum settings. So we opened Asus GPU Tweak II, and he pushed the core clock up to 2360MHz (...
  36. B

    Question Should i upgrade at this time?

    Im looking to upgrade my GTX 1050ti and I5 4440 to a RTX 2070 with i7 8700 (non-k) , should i continue with the upgrade or... I wish to play at 1440 at 120-144hz.
  37. T

    Question EVGA RTX 2080 Ultra XC One fan not working

    One of my fans isn't working on my rtx 2080 that I just bought a week ago. I just noticed this after my game crashed about three times in a span of 2 days which was unusual. I ran HWMonitor and saw that Fan #1 was spinning at 1900-2100rpm during load, and Fan #2 was at 0rpm. I had a previous...